Angkringan KR

Photo ig : @aredheiadi

That night was like previous nights the weather is bright, and friendly air to walk around
Jogja City. My ride stopped in a crowd where people gather for chatting and brew warm beverage from orange, tea, coffee, and ginger. Many people call this place as Angkringan KR because it located in front of Kedaulatan Rakyat the oldest newspaper in the region of Central Java and the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

After parking my vehicle, I go to Angkringan KR to order hot orange with the aim to enjoy
the atmosphere of this place for a longer time. When I sat down in the area of KR exhibition hall, I feel the warmth of this place, and each group of people has a different topic for discussed, starts from football, music, bicycle, social until private business.

Photo By @citrahartono

I stand up again to take and eat delicious fried food with the menu such as from Tempe,
tofu, banana, and Bakwan. Before sitting back, I chat for a while with Mas Yitno, one of the visitors in this place. “Angkringan is one of the reasons why I always miss Yogyakarta, the city that seems make time spins slower to enjoy the atmosphere without realizing that time must be move quickly”, said a son of native-born from Turi Sleman.

The existence of Mas Yitno in Angkringan KR because had a job in this town for three days.
Mas Yitno tells about his happiness given job in Jogja city although its only for a few days. He said that fatigue of capital city can be forgotten for a moment with stretch the mind and muscles in this city.

After that, I ask for leave to enjoy the atmosphere of Angkringan KR with people sing a song titled Yogyakarta sounded faint from the end of terrace in the north side. From the selection of the song, both of the musicians are smart in packing the atmosphere of Angkringan that inseparable from this city to gets income from the visitors.


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