Bambu Air Sermo Park


Increasing popularity of selfie trends in tourist places indirectly promotes existing tourist attractions. Seeing the opportunity for this free promotion, many tourist attraction owners are competing to make tourist sites that they manage as attractive as possible. One of them is by making photo spots.

Sermo Reservoir, one of the tours in Menoreh hill does not want to be left behind to further its tourism promotion. Creative ideas from the Nggunung Youth Group, spot concept emerged for selfies that is different from the existing selfie spots. Starting from realization of this unique concept, Bambu Air Sermo Park appeared.

Pengunjung Taman Bambu Air. Sumber :

Bambu Air Sermo Park is made by using plastic drums arranged on top of which are arranged in a bamboo floor. In order to be more attractive, a variety of supporting properties such as benches, several plants in pots, bamboo shaped like a gate, and the ontel bikes are added. What makes the selfie spot even more interesting is to make Sermo Reservoir as the background.

Menuju Taman Bambu Air. Sumber :

It is located in the middle of the Sermo Reservoir, so to get to this location, visitors must use a boat that each person only has to pay IDR 5,000. Anticipating intense sunlight, the owner provides caping (such a large hat) and umbrellas for visitors. After being escorted to the selfie spot, they will be given about 10 minutes to take pictures.


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