Watu Lawang Mangunan, Enjoying Mangunan from Upper Cliff

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Mangunan is one of the tourist areas in Bantul that has several tourist spots. Starting from the mangunan fruit Garden, pine forests, panguk hills, mojo hills, and recently opened Watu Lawang.

Watu lawang is a tourist spot that is still in one location with the Mangunan Fruit Ggarden. Watu Lawang itself is taken from the word lawang which means door in Indonesian. This is because the top of the hill is split so that it looks like a door.

Pemandangan Sekitar Watu Lawang. Sumber : yayapunyacerita.wordpress.com

Watu Lawang tourism object is to west of the mangunan fruit garden. It is famous for its views of the rice field area in Kedungmiri Tourism Village and the Imogiri suspension bridge as its background. Therefore it is not surprising, some residents of Bantul already know this tourist spot.

Reaching at the Watu Lawang spot, visitors must walk along the steps and paths that are on the edge of the cliff. This area is marked by large boulders. After that, they can arrive at the Watu Lawang bridge which leads to the edge of the cliff that becomes the main attraction of this tour.

Salah Satu Pengunjung di Watu Lawang. Sumber : yayapunyacerita.wordpress.com

It is said that once it was an ancient mountain formed in the process of forming Oya River. It is like Nglanggeran Purba Mountain, Watu Lawang Hill that is formed from ancient chunks of stone. The peak seemed to be split into two sharp edges overgrown with trees and bushes. This hill cannot be climbed from the hillside because of the sharp slope. So until now, access to that place is only through Mangunan Village.

Even though Watu Lawang cannot enjoy the sunrise or sunset, the scenery presented here is too unfortunate to miss. Fresh air, the lush area of the trees, and the rice fields view and the Oya River will be enough to make our eyes and body relax for a moment.

Tempat Parkir Kendaraan. Sumber : yayapunyacerita.wordpress.com

Getting to this location, the visitors simply follow the route to the mangunan fruit garden. The difference is before arriving at the Mangunan intersection, there is a small T-junction towards the village. Choose the right direction and follow the road to the Watu Lawang directions. The road that must be passed is still in the form of land and rocky. Parking fees are charged IDR 2,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars.


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