Grojogan Sewu Kulon Progo

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The Menoreh Hill have a lot of potential hidden behind a grove of trees that grows along these hilsl. As described by SH Mintardja in his novel Api di Bukit Menoreh, these hills still hold the potential that can be developed by residents who inhabit with local forces that appropriate to the cultural in a community. Behind the high cluster of a thousand mountains, the Menoreh Hill displays its beauty in the form of Grojogan Sewu Kulon Progo which has many traps or levels so that many people call it Grojogan Sewu. A new tourist attraction located in Beteng hamlet, Jatimulyo village, Girimulyo sub-district, Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta.

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Location of Grojogan Sewu Kulon Progo

The departure to this location starts from Tugu Yogyakarta to make it easier to go to Grojogan Sewu Kulon Progo. After that, the journey continues towards Godean Market. After arriving there, continue to Kenteng intersection.

Grojogan Sewu Kulonprogo. Sumber :

After arriving at the Kenteng intersection, take a straight direction towards the uphill road, then find the ringin climb (it is how people call it). Follow the road to Jonggrangan Market, after that we just go straight, before going up to Kiskendo Cave there is a small crossbar on the left that says Grojogan Sewu. Follow the path, no need to confuse because there are many directions that make it easier for us to get to the location.

A long journey full of twists and turns has paid off with the Grojogan Sewu beauty, in this place we can feel a beautiful nature welcome us. Tongkerat voiced connected each other with the loud sound of the waterfall here. The path that leads us here is still natural and happy to unite with nature.

Grojogan Sewu Kulonprogo. Sumber :

Arriving under the waterfall, we maintain concentration due to the steep terrain and are dangerous for visitors’ safety. Here we can choose places that we think are good for a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the Grojogan Sewu.


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