Kedung Kandang Waterfall


Kedung Kandang Waterfall, this is one of the waterfalls in Gunungkidul that had popular some time ago because of its beauty and uniqueness. Certainly, tourists will be fascinated by it. Arriving at the location, they will immediately be treated to a beautiful waterfall view that flows from the natural formed rocks steps.

It is located in Gunungbutak Hamlet, which is still in Nglanggeran Village, Patuk Sub-district, Gunungkidul. That is why the tourists will have no trouble visiting to this place because it is still in one location with Nglanggeran Reservoir and Nglanggeran Purba Volcano.

Getting to this place, the tourists can take the route East Ring Road-Wonosari Street-Bukit Bintang. Until at the GCD T-junction turn left, follow the path to Ancient Volcano. Before SMP 2 there was a gate entering Bobung Village, and turn left. Arriving at the intersection, turn left to Nglanggeran. There are chicken noodle stalls, entering left, around 200 meters there is a volleyball court for parking vehicles.

From the parking area, they still have to walk around 900 meters. But don’t worry! The green landscape of rice terraces, volcanic rock cliffs, and farmers who are farming will be amusing during the trip. In addition, the access to unspoiled roads so that it really feels like the real adventure.

Most of waterfalls in Gunungkidul are seasonal waterfalls, including the Kedung Kandang waterfall which is suitable to be visited during rainy season.


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