Kiskendo Cave, The Beauty Potential in the Wilderness of Menoreh Hill

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The cluster of Menoreh Mountain becomes a beauty foundation for Kulon Progo Regency as if a magic lamp that holds a lot of untapped potential. There is no different with Aladdin when he rubbed his own hands and suddenly appeared miracle from that lamp and so did Mount Menoreh that had not been widely developed to process it into natural attraction. One of those is a Kiskendo Cave beauty at Kulon Progo Hill.

Kiskendo Cave Location

It becomes as one of the charms of the Menoreh Mountain that is located in 1200 masl with fresh air and 35 km northwest of Yogyakarta. The access to this place can use by two or four-wheeled vehicles that can arrive to this attraction. To get experience from this hilly tourism object by walking down the road is about 8 km from the cave. Besides using motorcycle, this area is also used as a destination for cyclists who want to explore the Menoreh hills. However, the tourists have to prepare the stamina to set up an amazing track, here.

Entering the landscape of Kiskendo Cave, they will be greeted with steps that become the story of the beginning of this attraction. From the entrance the tourist have to down the winding staircase to Kiskendo Cave’s mouth. There are game platforms such as teeter sees, slides and climbing games. In addition to cave attraction, this place is very suitable for nature tourism to camp because it is supported by campsites located at the top and bottom.


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