Lepo Waterfall


Bantul Regency characteristics, which are mostly rural areas, actually save natural tourism potential that is not widely known. One of them is Grojogan Lepo or Lepo Waterfall located in Pokoh 1 hamlet, Dlingo Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. Lepo itself is taken from the abbreviation of the waterfall area, namely Ledok Pokoh.

This waterfall, which opened since 2013, has been able to attract many tourists, especially on weekends. The waterfall condition is still natural and its characteristic like multilevel waterfall attracts more nature tourism lovers.

Lepo Waterfall has several levels. The first level has a medium height and has a pool depth of about half a meter. Usually, it is used by the tourists to sit while soaking their feet. At this level, it is also safe for children to swim because the pool is not too deep, the bottom of the pool can be seen.

The second level is stones around the waterfall are slightly steep and slippery so that the tourists are supposed to be careful. The depth of the pool is still shallow, which is around an adult waist. This is surrounded by exotic arranged rock cliffs. The stone niche on one side of the pool is the best spot to enjoy waterfalls at this level.

Meanwhile, in the lowest level is a favorite place for adults to swim. This pool has a depth of up to 2 meters. In addition, the area is quite large than the two pools above it. There are a footpath and stairs to go to the third pool. In this place, the rock cliffs around the beam-shaped waterfall are cut by the keeper.

Getting to this location, from Yogyakarta take East Imogiri road. In the T-junction at south of Imogiri Market take a left and then take a right to Mangunan Orchard or Dlingo. After arriving at the Imogiri Market, there is a sub-district office and the road to Pokoh Hamlet 1. Follow the cast block road to go to the location. The tourists can leave their vehicle in the residential area then continue the journey to the location by walking through the footpath.


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