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Nowadays, people like exploring one to another interesting place to get new experiences. The difficult terrain and full of risk defeated to fulfill his desire. For you who like an extreme adventure, Merapi Lava Tour is an appropriate choice to challenge your courage.

Taking an off-road jeep to explore the rest of the eruption of Mount Merapi is the fun thing to do in Yogyakarta. The experienced driver makes this journey more exciting with the safety guaranteed. Tracking the broken road because of Merapi Eruption in 2010, steep road and big stones gives its own sensation of this tour. Besides enjoying the track in Merapi Lava Tour area, you can see the ruined village as the affected of hot ash clouds Wedus Gembel. Besides that, there is a sturdy dam to resist the cold Lava flow during the eruption. You can also see the sand miners activities in the upstream of Gendol and Opak rivers. After that, you will pass the rock area. In this area, there is a big stone called Alien Stone (Batu Alien) that resembles a human face. The word alien selected to simplify the tourist when they see that stone. The name is very influential on tourist visits in our village because they are curious about this stone. Finally, they invited their family and friend to see this natural phenomenon, said Margono, the local people of Kali Gendol (Gendol River).

Furthermore, you can stop in the ruins buildings used as a museum by its owners. You can see the thing affected by Wedus Gembel (hot ash clouds), such as motorcycle, monitor, and pets.




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