Sadranan Beach, Exciting Snorkeling on the Beachside


Beach is a place that is very suitable for a vacation or refreshing in order to eliminate fatigue or saturation with daily routines. In Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta there are many beaches are dominated by white sand beaches. From the westernmost tip, Parang endog beach which is in Purwosari District, to the easternmost coast, Krokoh beach, Girisubo sub-district. From many beaches that exist, only a few beaches are dominated by white sand, including Baron Beach and Ngluwen Beach and the other is the beach cliffs.

Some of the beaches in the Regency are now excellent for tourists, such as Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Kukup Beach and Indrayanti Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach, and Siung Beach. Those are sand beaches. Recently there is a beach that has become a new idol for tourists, such as the Sadranan beach. It is located in Tepus sub-district or adjacent to Sundak beach. Specially, on this beach they are not only served with a natural panorama of the beach that is still clean and cool. This beach, there are also new rides for those who are challenged by the typical adventure of this beach. This new vehicle is only in bandrol at a price of IDR 50,000. So, what are offered on this exotic beach?

Sadranan Beach is a new paradise for snorkeling lovers. On this beach there is a rental place that provides snorkeling services that called Sadranan Snorkeling. According to the keeper, this beach keeps the underwater beauty unspoiled and is perfect for tourists who are interested in getting to know the underwater world more closely, and want to interact directly with its habitat, such as coral reefs, rare beautiful fishes and protected. Snorkeling is not only a very challenging and interesting sports activity, but also a spiritual activity for someone to get to know and get closer to nature and satisfaction that is a guarantee offered on this beach.

For the tourists who want to learn to snorkel on this beach, there is no need to worry about tools and security because the manager has provided rental of snorkeling equipment plus guides to teach snorkeling techniques as well as a guide to the best snorkeling spots. The rental prices offered are very fantastic, enough with IDR 50,000/pax they can get snorkel equipment in the form of glasses, hoses, buoys and shoes plus guides. This rate is valid for two hours. For beginners, they will be trained beforehand to use equipment such as using a mask that serves to clearly see underwater conditions and use a snorkel (pipe as a breathing tool) and install a float. Then after that beginners will be taught also techniques to breathe underwater by using the mouth or breathing through the mouth, and basic techniques to float so as not to step on the reef. The purpose of this training is that when snorkeling, the snorkeler is ready and does not panic when facing several problems such as forgetting to breathe using the mouth, and to see the surrounding conditions. One more thing, snorkelers will also be taught how to attract fish to get closer and not be afraid when approached.

There are several snorkeling locations which are favorite spots that will be shown by guides, including the Watu broke spot and Senggoro River. In these two spots, snorkelers will be treated to a natural view of the marine life. Enchanting coral reefs and rare species that are protected such as Kepe – Kepe, Areng – Areng, Morish Idol, Yellow Botana (Yellow Tang), Achilles Botana, Scorpion Fish, Kerondung (Moray Eel), Grouper tillers , Belanak, Muniran / Pajung Pari, Pufferfish and Neon fish, etc.

Snorkeling is better when the sea water begins to recede, it is in the morning, midday or evening before sunset. At that time the water conditions become calmer and not cloudy due to wave activity. At that time the fish will start swimming. Well, while picking up beneath the surface of the water, tourists can also capture their adventures by taking pictures that will be helped by the guide (for renting tools with groups of at least five people will get a bonus photo – free photos using a camera under water). The photos can be requested for the soft-file too.

Besides snorkeling, at Sadranan beach also provides Wave Rafting services, Surfing for the tourists who want to try other challenges. This rafting wave is done using a tube or rubber tire as a means to float. This activity is charged IDR 30,000/pax with a duration of two hours. When the sea begins to fall and the waves start to raise, this beach adventure is very suitable for adrenaline. The equipment used for Wave Rafting is rubber tires and buoys. However, for the tourists who want to hang out on the water to enjoy the sun and coral on the beach, this activity can also be an alternative. Then for big wave and adventurous lovers, this beach can also be the solution. It at high tide, the waves that come to the shoreline are also high, so it’s very cool to surf. To be able to surf, they do not have to bother carrying their equipment, because on this beach a surfboard rental is charged IDR 100,000 for one hour is provided.

For group travelers or family picnics, outbound beaches are also provided at this sadranan beach. Traditional, and love Indonesia is the distinctive characteristic offered by this vehicle. By a price of IDR 60,000/6 sets tourists can share the joy and togetherness at this sadranan beach. Some of the tools provided include: Clogs, Ghoni sacks, plastic buckets, mine ropes to compete with 17s and other tug-of-war strengths.

Besides the family or relatives, this beach is also very suitable for honeymoon for couples. For couples who love the beauty of nature and want to be closer to nature, this location also provides lodging with a traditional stage house with prices starting from IDR 100,000/night which is very close to the beach.

For nature lovers, this place is also perfect for overnight and camping and bonfires. On this beach, the keeper of Sadranan Snorkeling also provides dome tents for tourists. Rent dome on this beach with a price of IDR 50,000 for 24 hours equipped with carpet facilities and with capacity for four people for one dome.

For the tourists who are interested, please visit and enjoy it.

Enjoy the adventure.


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