Sepanjang Beach, the beauty of a Fascinating White Sand

Sepanjang Beach, as the name implies, has the longest coastline among the beaches in the Gunungkidul area. A wide expanse of white sand that extends from west to east that is limited by the rocky hills and firmly standing. The beach in line with Sundak – Kukup – Baron offers Kuta Tempo Doeloe beauty. Hopefully, authenticity is maintained and does not become an exploit for the sake of self-interest.
Entering the Sepanjang beach area, we will be greeted by the sound of waves that continue to sing with the sound of a great beach breeze. The sunlight is not comparable to the beauty of the underwater rocks and guard hills that are loyal to this beach’s white sand.
The beauty of this beach is revealed when the sea water recedes with stone niches between the wilderness of the rocks forming the habitat of various marine biota. Residents around it also use low tide to take some seaweed for personal consumption or sell after being processed products.
Like a rose, the beauty and astounding of it has a secret weapon that traps visitors who are too enjoy in playing in the middle of the beach when the sea recedes because on the coast of Sepanjang there is a niche that can be a trap for them. A visit to Sepanjang Beach will be closed with the twilight on the western horizon, when the sun slowly hides on the right side, emitting an amazing color bias.


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