Mangunan fruit farm is a tourist object that has a special attraction for tourists to enjoy its beauty. Usually, the tourists come to enjoy the mist from the hilltop of this fruit garden in the early morning. Besides that, this fruit garden offers a wonderful view as the background for taking the picture or taping videos.

Photo By @rendhafajar

Location of Mangunan Fruit Farm

Mangunan Fruit Farm located in Mangunan Village, Dlingo, Bantul district, Yogyakarta. To reach this place from the city of Yogyakarta, you can take the road to Imogiri Timur. After that, from the Imogiri Timur, you need to follow the sign to Dlingo. It is about 4 kilometer.

Edilia, one of the tourists expressed her admiration about this natural phenomenon. The view is breathtaking! Several times seeing photos about this place from social media and finally, we can see immediately. It is awesome., said the student of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences of UGM.

Photo By @wiendanovi

The same things also express by Jerry, the student from the Informatics Department in Amikom. He said that the scenery is wonderful from the hilltop of Mangunan Fruit Farm. He purposely stayed overnight with his friend to enjoy the sunrise and the sea of fog from the top hill of Mangunan Orchard.

The sea of mist on the hilltop of Mangunan Fruit Farm also moves the economic matters of local people to pick up the fortune. In this place, the vendor provides several food and drink such as typical Mangunan porridge, hot coffee, meatball, and many more. You can enjoy the scenery while eating food and drinking a hot coffee.


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