Krakal Beach


Krakal is a white sand beach that surrounds with mountainous rocky hills at Wonosari district. Krakal beach stretch along the Southern Sea coastal line includes Baron Beach and Kukup Beach. Krakal located in Ngestirejo village, Tanjungsari about 38 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, it is about 21 kilometers from the city of Wonosari.

Photo By @emfeldweb

Krakal Beach created through a long natural process and is believed to be on the sea floor in the past. However, due to the lifting of the earths crust, the sea floor was increasingly rising to the surface and eventually became a land namely Krakal Beach.

Krakal is the longest beach (approximately 40.000 meters) along the Southern Sea coastal line. Besides, enjoy the scenery, the tourist also can play clear waves of the beach. Countless coral reefs decorate the seashore, becoming the home for colorful coral fishes such as kinds of ornamental fish. The appearance of ornamental fishes is usually during the dry season.

Photo By @mnovalalf

A number of hotels such as Herlois Hotel are available at this beach for the tourists who want to spend the night. The visitors also can enjoy the other beaches adjacent to Krakal namely Baron Beach, Krakal Beach, and Sundak Beach. We need to pay IDR 1,000 (motorcycle) and IDR 2,000 (car) for the entrance ticket.


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