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Museum of Vredeburg fort is the magnificent building that stands on the north side of Kraton Yogyakarta build in 1765 by the Dutch.  The initial function of this building is a fortress. It is seen from the shape of the building that has a watchtower in all four corners and surrounded by a rotating ditch.

Museum of Vredeburg forts is a cultural heritage building that stands on an area of approximately 2100 m2. This museum saves some historical collections such as diorama from before Indonesia’s proclamations era until the New Order or Order Baru era. Besides that, there also historical objects such as photographs and paintings about how Indonesia’s heroes in the past struggled to defend the country. Although the place has been restored several times, the original form of the building is still maintained. The Dutch governments build a building that functioned as a resting fortress in 1760 on the land owned by the Sultan Palace with the permission of Sri Sultan HB I. The building named Benteng Rusternburg by the Dutch government. Five years later, precisely in 1765-1788, the fort was renamed becomes Vredeburg Fort means Fortress of Peace.

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Historically, this building has undergone various changed in the function since its establishment until now. Vredeburg fort in 1760-1830 functioned as a fortress; in 1830-1945, it functioned as Dutch and Japanese military headquarters; and in 1947-1977 is used as the military headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia.

After 1977, the Indonesian military returned to the government through the Minister of Education and Culture. Then, on August 9th, 1980 it was designated as the Indonesian Culture and Development Center. Daoed Yusuf as Minister of Education and Culture at that time immediately received approval from Sri Sultan HB IX.

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After being functioned as the Information Center and Development of Nusantara Culture (for eight years), the function of Vredeburg Fort restored to become the Museum of Struggle on April 16th, 1985. This museum is open to the public. Finally, on November 23rd, 1992 officially became the “Special Museum of National Struggle” namely Yogyakarta Fortress Museum”.


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