Visiting Jogja “Selca” Photo Competition (3 June 2019-25 June 2019)


Visiting Jogja “Selca” Photo Competition

Got tons of artsy selcas? Wanna got free voucher because of it?

Come and join us for Visiting Jogja “Selca” Photo Competition. Rather than put your selcas of your private storage, you can make a use of it through this competition.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The competition is free and open for public
  2. Competition period: 03 – 25 June 2019
  3. Selcas should be taken in any tourist attraction in Yogyakarta
  4. Selcas should be “Heritage or Culinary or Nature” related
  5. Following @visitingjogjacom (IG) is obligatory
  6. Participants are obligated to fill the form that can be downloaded in (English Form Registration), and send it to
  7. Selcas should be original, not violating any copyright, free from racism and pornography content, and have not been published in any media
  8. Selcas can be taken in group or individual
  9. Post it on your IG account and mention it to @visitingjogjacom and 5 other friends
  10. Caption should be interesting, make sure to put “Visiting Jogja Selfie Competition” on it
  11. Put the following hashtags on your post

#visitingjogja #sobatvisitingjogja #selfiewisatavisitingjogja #mudikjogja #visitingjogjacompetition #dinaspariwisatadiy #pesonamudikjogja2019

  1. Due date: June 28, 2019
  2. Judge decision is final
  3. The winners would be announced through (official website)



The winner will be granted free staying hotel voucher. (san/aws)



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