The Most Recommended Bakery and Cake Shop to Chill out your Day : PARSLEY


Are you looking for a place for hangout, not only for having meal but also getting all we need like a complete package? You should try to come to this restaurant. The name is Parsley Bakery. It is locater in a strategic area, north side of Yogyakarta city. The address is at Kaliurang street.

It is bakery and cake shop that has six branches in Yogyakarta. The main branch is at Kaliurang street mentioned above. Here, you can get the complete package such as snack, appetizer, main course and dessert in one place.

Besides as a restaurant, you can use this place as a space for gathering and enjoying. You can meet up with your family and friends here. The menus are various. They serve Indonesian and Western food. Why it calls the most recommend bakery shop? Because it is very worthy for you especially bakery lovers to have some bakeries and the tastes are very delicious. The atmosphere is also cozy because they have modern architecture for the restaurant’s concept. That’s why it can accommodate many customers ordered.

Parsley Bakery, Restaurant and Cake Shop opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The opening hour is from 6.30 am to 9.30 pm. The price of snack or bread is around IDR 3000 to 10.000, the price of cake is around IDR 70.000 to 125.000, for the meals’ price are around IDR 15.000 to 67.000, and the beverages’ price are around IDR 10.000 – 30.000.

So, feel free to taste some meals here. It is very hits in Yogyakarta. You can chill up your day here while enjoying the tasty bakery in this restaurant. (san/rag)


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