The Real Japanese Taste of UDON, very tasty and HALAL


Who doesn’t like to eat Japanese food? Well, we have one of the most recommended Japanese Restaurant in Yogyakarta. That is Marugame Udon. This restaurant has good quality of udon (Japanese noodle) and the taste is very similar from its origin. They keep the quality of the taste well because they want customers can eat the real taste of Japanese Udon.

Udon is the most famous noodle in Japan for a long time. It is made by flour shaped wider than the usual noodle that usually we eat. Udon served in this restaurant already has HALAL certificate from MUI (Indonesia Muslim Council). So, all people especially Muslim also can eat it. Other menus offered by this restaurant are rice bowl, tempura, soft drink and ocha (Japanese tea).

The favourite menus in Marugame Udon is Kamaage Udon that is also served for single (Regular) and  for 4 persons (Family). There are also Zaru Udon, Kake Udon, Niku Udon, Beef Curry Udon,Chicken Katsu Curry Udon, Kitsune Udon, Ontama Udon, Carbonara Udon, Tori Baitan Udon, Spicy Tori Baitan Udon, and etc.

This restaurant has open kitchen concept. It aims to entertain the customers to see how the cooks serves udon. If you ever visit Japan, you will find a lot of restaurant there using this concept. Because it is adapted from there.

It also uses self-service concept, so that the customers here take the order by their self. If you visit here, please order to the cook till they give you your meal and you take it into your tray till you finish your order. After that you bring your own order to the table and take your drinks from the beverage table. (san/rag)


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