The Popular Restaurant Ever, That’s it: DIXIE CAFÉ


Hai “Sobat Visiting Jogja”! Are looking for a café? Or restaurant? In this place, you can find those all you need here in one place. So, are you interested to come to this restaurant, DIXIE CAFÉ. This restaurant was built since 2005 and became one of favorite restaurant for everyone. It is located in a strategic road in Yogyakarta, Affandi Street Number 40B.

It has a vintage concept for its building. With an oldie’s interior, DIXIE CAFÉ offers many various menus, traditional, Indonesian, and Western. There are a lot variant pasta and coffee that is also available here. The recommended menus are Roasted Chicken, Australian Beef Steak, and more. You can also order some juices, smoothies, and milkshakes.

This restaurant can be used as a meeting room and gathering place with friends and families. It is very addicted to come here because of its atmosphere and the meals.

The facilities of this restaurant are comfortable and complete. It makes DIXIE CAFÉ become one of famous restaurant among people in Yogyakarta. The interior is casual by choosing unique furniture. That what makes customers having a willing to come here. Besides, it becomes of culinary destination in Yogyakarta.

When you are visiting here, you will see that this restaurant has 2 floors. There are also smoking and non-smoking room. Because of the popularity among people in Yogyakarta, it makes DIXIE CAFÉ as a popular restaurant ever. (san/rag)


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