Kerang Sang Raja: Taste Seafood with the Price of Streetfood


Hello sobat visitingjogja and seafood lovers! FYI, a new seafood resto is now opened in Jogja. It’s Kerang Sang Raja. Formerly this restaurant’s concept was such a streetfood. During its selling progression, most of customers prefer dine in to take away, so the owner turned it becomes a restaurant. However, all menu prices that served are still the same as streetfood’s. Here you can taste some seafood before you make an order.

List of menus consist of scallops with various sauces such as rica-rica sauce, oyster sauce and spicy sauce. Some kinds of scallops offered at this restaurant include green clam, sea scallops, mussels, etc. There are also various kinds of fishes, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, squid, vegetables and snack.

In addition, there are also rice bowl fish, squid, shrimp, chicken or sliced beef with additional chili sauce, Bang Joe sambal or sweet and sour sauce. Then, seafood fried rice, fried rice and the king’s special fried rice that is a combination of seafood coupled with chicken satay. All these menus are starting from IDR 18.000.

Kerang Sang Raja consists of 3 floors. A rooftop is also available. You can enjoy the view around the restaurant while eating seafood. Other facilities are free wi-fi, air-conditioned room and spacious parking. You can visit Kerang Sang Raja which is located at Jalan Kaliurang Km 6 Sinduadi, Sleman from 11.00 am- 10.00 pm. (san/yud)


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