Malioboro Tuesday “Wage” (February 18th, 2020)


Hi, Sobat Visiting Jogja! Today is special day of Yogyakarta. The name is Tuesday Wage (Javanese calendar), have  you already known this?!

Come join in Malioboro street now! There are many exciting performances that you can see along Malioboro Street. There are music performances, flashmob, ballet, line dance, gymnastics, talk shows, exhibitions, mobile libraries, cultural performances, choirs, fun haircuts and many other attractions that you can see start from 4:30 PM till ends. Besides, Keraton Yogyakarta (Sultans’s Palace) participates in this event by holding Symposium Talk show and Exhibition that is taken place at 6 PM in the Atrium of Malioboro Mall.

You just come and invite all your friends and enjoy the attractions there. Because it is a special day, Malioboro street is free of vehicles, so that you can also relax go through Malioboro street by cycling. Surely, it can be identified by many bicycle communities who come in at this moment. Let’s have fun together at Malioboro Tuesday Wage! (San/rag)


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