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Lava Bantal is located in Berbah, Sleman. This is one of the geo heritage destinations in Yogyakarta. It’s called “lava Bantal” because the stones shapes on the river are like the pillow. They are created by the Merapi eruption when the magma and the water interact directly which caused hydro volcanism which the mineral result wasn’t formed perfectly, then that incident made those pillow stones.

The view of this river with the big stones in both sides would attract the visitor’s attention. The clear water that flows over stones is also undeniable to enjoy. It will make us soaking our feet in the water. This Lava Bantal reminds us of the river in the mountain who has crystalline water with the stones surrounding.

Other than the beautiful scenery of the river, there is also savanna around the location of Lava Bantal area where the people usually take care of their livestock. Even it’s just the river and the savanna, but for the people who live in the big city, this place is look like an oasis for relaxing their body and mind from their daily activities.

There are some facilities you will discover such as parking area, toilet, cafeteria, mushola, and gazebo for the visitors who want to have a rest. In this area the visitors can do river tubing just like in Kali Suci.  They will be equipped with life jacket, head protector, and other equipment for doing river tubing in the lava Bantal area. The long tubing track (2km) costs Rp. 55.000 and the short track (200m) costs Rp. 30.000.

Lava Bantal is located in Berbah Prambanan, Kalitirto, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Starting From Abang temple, you have to take the path to the west and after take the route to the north. Then you just need to go straight. Afterward, you will pass the bridge where you will discover the lava bantal under that bridge. There is no entrance fee for this lava Bantal area, you just need to pay the parking fee.



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