Jogja is really identical to the culinary namely Gudeg, this is the reason why Jogja is called as Gudeg city. We can easily find this kind of food everywhere so it will be easy for us to taste that food. We can’t recommend all Gudeg products to the visitors and to our family who are coming to Jogja because of the different quality flavor. But, Gudeg Bu Tjitro is the one of the Gudeg central industry that’s really well recommended for them. A portion of Gudeg in this restaurant will offer us a really good quality flavor of each condiment on this food such the rice, gudeg kering, the unbitter taste of papaya leaf dishes, sambal and kerecek tempe. By adding the opor sauce on the gudeg of Bu Tjitro will make this gudeg is more flavorful. In addition, Gudeg bu Tjitro also offer us the kind of food packs of Gudeg in Kendil that only can be consumed in 2 days and in the cans that could be eaten last a year. This product is the special cuisine to bring as a food souvenir from this restaurant.

The menu in Bu Tjitro Restaurant
The flavorful food keeps this restaurant that was built in 1925 growing. As the time goes by, the menu starts to be innovated without leaving the typical flavor standard. You should taste the delicious soup of Kembang Tahu or Ayam Herbal also in this restaurant. The free-range chicken is cooked as a soup with ginseng, dry date, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices. The savory flavor of that soup and the taste of the ginseng become a perfect combination. Not only appetizing, this dish has also many benefits for the health like beating tiredness and also building up the stamina. For the visitor who want only to have relaxed and enjoying the food, Crispy Calamari Hot Ring and some ice creams will be the nice dishes to choose. The meals of this restaurant cost between Rp 9.000 – Rp. 150.000. Furthermore, the drinks like poci tea, lemon grass tea, rosella tea, and other juice, also beras kencur price is between Rp.4000 – Rp. 18.500.

The tasteful gudeg that became already the trade mark in Bu Tjitro restaurant has made this restaurant to create an innovation and a new market for culinary lovers. Other than gudeg, the menu of Kembang Tahu soup, Ayam Herbal, free-range chicken soup with ginseng, cinnamon, ginger and traditional spices are becoming also special dishes in this restaurant. There are also many kinds of beverages to take like poci tea, lemon grass tea, rosella tea, juice, also beras kencur.

The Location of Gudeg Bu Tjitro
Not only having the delicious gudeg and other flavor some menu, this restaurant has also strategic and easily accessible location on Janti Street, in front of Jogja Expo Center (JEC). It takes only 10 or 15 minutes by motorbike or by car to reach this restaurant from Adisucipto Airport and Keraton Yogyakarta.


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