Pok Tunggal Beach is well known as “The Hidden Paradise” because this beach is hidden in the cliff. “Paradise” is such a good prize given to Pok Tunggal beach because the visitors could see the beautiful beach’s view of pearly white sand stretch view and crystal clear blue waters.

Pok Tunggal Beach is located in Tepus, Gunungkidul. It takes about 2 hours or 80 km to reach this beach from Jogja. We need to put more effort to get to this beach because we have to pass a quite narrow winding route and a hairpin curve. But this hard effort will be paid off with stunning view along the way.

The name of Pok Tunggal” which sounds unique is actually meaningful. In Pok Tunggal beach, there is an old Duras tree that becomes the icon of this beach. The word “Pok” which is derived from Javanese language “Pokok” means “trees” and could also mean “singularity”. It is because there is only a lush green leafy Duras tree. Whereas, Duras tree is known hard to grow in this area. The people around Tepus area believe that the old Duras tree brings blessing and prosperity.

The views of Pok Tunggal Beach can really please our eyes. This beach is well known with its long stretch of soft pearly white sand. Although the sea south of Jogja is bordered by Indian Ocean, the waves at Pok Tunggal Beach are quite calm. So it is safe for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Even so, you have to still make sure that you will always careful.
If the visitors don’t want to swim, they can relax under the beach umbrellas available along the beach. In addition, visitors can walk along while taking photos to be uploaded on social media. There is other uniqueness in Pok Tunggal Beach where it has an underground river flow with freshwater. This freshwater becomes the people around Tepus Village’s source of water.

Pok Tunggal Beach is surrounded by beautiful hills. They are Tirta Pok Tunggal hill on the west part and Panjong hill on the east part. Visitors can enjoy the view of the beach by climbing up those hills. Otherwise, if you are an adrenaline activity’s enthusiasts, you can try rock the climbing where the cliffs are coincided in Pok Tunggal beach. This beach is also popular for its high cliffs surrounding.

If you come in the afternoon, you shouldn’t miss the beautiful view of the sunset at Pok Tunggal Beach. A tint of orange in the sky reflected on clear water would make unforgettable moment. There are also many people have camp on this beach. Most of the campers bring their own camping equipment and they just need to the camp area at Pok Tunggal Beach.

A ton of activities as well as relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing and camping are becoming the tourist attraction in Pok Tunggal Beach. There is no wonder that this beach has never been empty of visitors on weekdays and weekends. The entrance ticket is affordable, the visitor need to pay IDR 10,000 for entrance fee and IDR 3,000 for motorcycle parking retribution and IDR 10,000 for car. There are special costs if you want to rent beach umbrella, rock climbing and camping equipment. Even so this price is still affordable.

The locals always keep clean Pok Tunggal Beach. You must even pay a fine if you get caught littering in this beach. The view of the beach is still also beautiful to be enjoyed. The people Tepus who take care of this beach also give best facilities such as gazebos, bathrooms, toilets and mushola


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