The beaches in Gunung Kidul, Jogja, always keep its own fascinating. The beauty of the beach and its blue water becomes tourist attraction for visitor to visit and enjoy this beach. Not only in Pulau Dewata Bali, we can also snorkel in the beach that’s already well known in Jogja namely Nglambor.

Nglambor Beach is situated in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul. According to geographical location, Nglambor Beach is located on the west part Siung Beach and on the east part of Jogan Beach. If you depart from Jogja, it will take about 2 to 3 hours or about 74 km get to Nglambor Beach. This beach’s tracking route is quite difficult. For who’s driving a car, they are suggested to put their car in a parking area available, then they can walk reach the beach. Or they can also use ojek to take them to Nglambor Beach.

The enchanting of Nglambor Beach is its location. The south coast of Jogja which has border with the Indian Ocean gives this beach big waves. So the visitors are not allowed to swim in the sea. But the visitors still allow swimming in Nglambor Beach because it has two giant coral that looks like turtles in the front side of Nglambor Beach. These Giant turtles are called Watu Kalong and Watu Kuntul, which can break the waves so the sea water flow to Nglambor Beach becomes slower.

Nglambor Beach has white sand and clear water. And the most favorite visitor’s activity is snorkeling. The visitors can bring their own snorkels or rent snorkeling equipment at Nglambor Beach. In this snorkeling activity, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of underwater of Nglambor Beach. They can also see a variety of marine life like fish and beautiful coral reefs. The visitors will be guided by a guide to snorkel in certain safe areas. They are suggested to pay attention on the coral, so they won’t damage it.

Don’t forget to capture your swimming or snorkeling activities by taking pictures under the water. The snorkeling rental package includes underwater photos. But visitors can do it also by them self by bringing underwater or waterproof cameras. Underwater view taken can become your Nglambor Beach’s sweet memories.

If visitors can’t swim, they shouldn’t be worried because there are many other activities they can do at Nglambor Beach. They can walk along the beach and play on the water while taking pictures. Or they can do adrenaline activity by climbing up the hill to see the scenery from the top of the hill. There is also a suspension bridge crossed to the hills. It is a good area for trekking lovers.

The entrance fee in Nglambor Beach is cheap. A ticket costs IDR 6000/ person. In addition, there is still also price to be paid such motorbike parking retribution of IDR 2,000 and car parking of IDR 5,000. If visitors use ojek get to the parking location, they need to pay around IDR 5,000 – IDR 15,000. The price of snorkeling rentals equipment is also affordable around IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000 per person, so they can enjoy Nglambor beach under water beauty.

Because of the beauty and the variety of activities offered on Nglambor Beach, this beach becomes popular. Even though, Nglambor beach is very famous and has a lot of visitors, this beach is always clean. The scenery of this beach is very beautiful and natural. The facility provides is complete. There are food court area, toilets, bathrooms, and mushola. All of these facilities are well managed by people of Gunung Kidul.
So, when will you visit Nglambor Beach?


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