Yogyakarta is culturally rich city which has many tourist destinations that you would never regret to visit. One of the popular tourist destinations in Jogja is tourism village. The village life which is characterized by its local wisdom is beautifully packaged and ready to be presented for the visitors. One of the tourism villages that should be visited when we are on vacation in Jogja is Sendari tourism village. This village is located in Cebongan Street 15, Sedon, Tirtoadi, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This location isn’t in the city center of Yogyakarta, but it isn’t far. We need about 13km or 15 minutes by motorbike to reach the location of this tourism village. We can head to Godean street, then pass Cebongan street until we find the route direction to get Sendari tourism village. Sendari tourism village is situated in the beautiful village area. However the location of this village isn’t far from the city center, the local people in this tourism still keep this environment clean and green. The relaxing village view could be enjoyed by walking around this area in the afternoon while waiting for the sunset.

Sendari village is known already as the bamboo craft village. Not only having many bamboos, but there are also many locals who work as the bamboo craftsman since a long time ago. They make table, chair, bed, gazebo, and cute trinkets like hat and toys from bamboo. The visitor can see those crafts in the special gallery that is usually used as the crafts showroom. The visitor shouldn’t hestitate about those crafts quality because the buyer of those craft aren’t only from Indonesia but also from other country like Netherland, United States, France, Japan, and so on. The type of bamboo which is used to make bamboo crafts is variated as well as petung bamboo, tutul bamboo, wulung bamboo, and apus bamboo. So then we can say that the crafts of Sendari tourism village has international quality standard. And the most important thing that we can get in this village isn’t only about enjoying its crafts but also learning how to make that crafts directly.

Here, the visitors won’t only feel amazed with the bamboo crafts but they can also enjoy the traditional art which is still preserved by local people. The traditional arts are karawitan, jathilan, and Sastra Sendaren spectacle which tell about the story of Kiai Sendari. Sastra Sendaren is kind of macapat or geguritan show or could be called as poetry musicalization show. The local people in Sendari tourism village uphold still the local tradition values so that we can still find some traditional ceremony such kenduri, nyadran, and other traditional activites.

In Sendari tourism village we can discover the traditional interior concept in many houses that will be difficult to find in other places. When we are here we can find a building that looks like using a pyramid concept called limas which becomes the most favorite spot for the visitor taking a picture. The traditional interior and classic atmosphere becomes a magnet for the visitors. One that you shouldn’t be missed when you come to this tourism village is the souvenir. Other than buying the bamboo craft as the souvenir you can also buy emping melinjo, the typical snacks of this place that’s usually bought as the food souvenir.

The facility in this toursim village is complete enough. There are toilet, parking area, food court area, mushola, and also homestay. So what are you waiting for? Let’s plan to have vacation in Sendari tourism village as the one of your tourism destinations when you come to Yogyakarta.


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