Sleman is known as the one of the regencies in DIY that have many tourism villages destination. One of the tourism villages in Sleman that should be visited because it has different attraction from other tourism villages is Blue Lagoon tourism village. The special thing offered in this Blue Lagoon tourism village is the natural spring. This place is located in the Merapi volcano slope area precisely in Dalem village, Widodomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This location isn’t far away from the city center of Yogyakarta. And the route is easily accesible because the road is already paved. You can just follow Kaliurang street until you find the T-juction of Besi-Jakang km 13, then you have to turn right until you find big T-Juction of Jangkang market. From that area, you have to turn right about 100 meters until you discover the sign direction to Blue Lagoon. This place is called Tirta Budi but also can be called as Blue Lagoon.

In the beggining, before becoming the tourism village, this area is only a common village. The local people was known already about the spring, but because the location was covered with bushes and trees, that spring was only used for the irigation. On 2014, there was a group of community service program who came there and shared that spring picture in social media. And that makes this spring is known day by day and the visitors who are so curious about this place start coming everyday. This tourism place is organised by Bumdes and helped by the local people. Causing by many visitors who come to this area, they start to decorate this place and add some facilities to ease the visitor needed. The hard effort done by the local people could make this place become a tourism village destination.

Blue lagoon has the special attraction because it comes from natural spring where we can see it under the water. There are 3 springs in this area. From under water we can see the air bubble which means there is water flow from the ground. When we are here we can enjoy the beautiful view of the green bamboo and the clear water from the spring that will make us feel relaxed and feel fresh, so we can’t wait to splash down in that spring. The water in this spring is really clear and the stones under the water seems reflecting the sunlight and make it sparkling. The spring is deep enough so the visitor can swim and jump in this area. There is a special spot if you want to jump. And This main area is not recommended for the kids, but the organizers of this place offered already small pool for the kids next to the main area. Don’t worry if you can’t swim because there is float. In addition, they provide also swimming equipment can be rent to enjoy the beautiful under water view. Don’t forget to capture your under water moment that will be so instagenic. The visitor can also try fish therapy buy paying Rp.2000,-

The facility in this blue lagoon is complete enough. There are swimming pool, toilet, mushola, parking area, food court area, and gazeboos to rest. To enjoy the beautiful views of this spring, the visitor have to pay the entrance ticket of Rp. 10.000,- including the softdrink that could be gotten when you are entering this tourism object. The parking retribution cost Rp.2000.- for motorbike and Rp.2000,- for car. It is daily opened start from 08.00 to 19.00.


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