Nowadays, many villages in Gunung Kidul are established as tourism village. One of those tourism villages is Umbulharjo tourism village. Umbulharjo is located in Pojong, Gunung Kidul. It is about 13 km away from the city center of Wonosari. The route heading to Umbulharjo tourism village is easily accesible, for motorbikes and even for cars. From the city center of Yogyakarta, you can go directly to Wonosari street by Piyungan, then take the route to Patuk until you reach Wonosari town square. From this town square you have to follow Karangmojo street. If you find already Karangmojo traditional market you have to take the route to Pojong, find the crossroad of Warung Ayu Genjahan and and take the road to the left to get Umbulharjo village.

Umbulharjo village absolutely has not been developped as the tourism village without any reason. This village has many potential extraordinary natural beauties. In Umbulharjo tourism village, we can discover several tourism destinations which has been well managed by Pokdarwis, so it can attract the visitors to visit. Those tourism destinations are such as Beton Indah reservoir, Cokro, Gremeng and Plalar Cave, and also Mardeda Melikan Hill

Cave Tourism Selection
There are some cave tourism destinations such as Cokro, Plalar, and Gremeng Cave. The most popular cave is Cokro Cave. Cokro cave is kind of a pit cave which has about 18 m depth. This cave has an active stalactite and stalagmite naturally created. These are becoming one of the uniqueness and the attractions of Cokro Cave. Starting at 11.00 – 12.00 a.m, the sunlight will enter the part of the cave and this beautiful phenomenon is well known as the heaven light. Gremeng and Plalar cave also offer us the beautiful view of an active stalactite and stalagmite. Those all beautiful caves are in charge of Pokdarwis until they can be as popular as now.

Beton Indah Reservoir

This revservoir is the one of the visitor’s favorite destinations in Umbulharjo tourism village. The visitor can see the beautiful views of the spacious reservoir. In addition, this place provides also the fishing equipment and food court area. The visitor can do fishing and enjoy the fish dishes menu in food court area. There is also the outbound facility of various activity choices here.

Mardeda Melikan Hill

Mardeda hill is one of the new places established by the local people in Wanglu village. This place offers us the beauty of the hill where we can enjoy the incredible sunset and sunrise shouldn’t be missed

The additional supporting tourism activity facility in Umbulharjo is complete enough. The spacious parking area, toilet, mushola, gazebo, food court area, and homestay are available here. The visitor who wants to visit the extreme area like cave can be equipped by cave tracing’s safety equipment and also will be guided by a profesional guide.


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