Yogyakarta will never lose its tourism charms. Those are increased day by day and they keep becoming the magnet that can attract tourist visitation. Many iconic and popular tourism destinations like Malioboro and South town square can be found here. But, it wouldn’t be wrong if you want also to visit anti-mainstream destination in Yogyakarta. Not only having vacation for releasing the tiredness, you can also learn new things which are probably hard to find in other places. One of those destinations that could you try to visit is Sukunan Tourism Village. This village is a place based on sustainable tourism of environmental conservation or also well known as ecotourism destination which makes this place different from other tourism village destination.

Just like its own name, Sukunan tourism village is located in Sukunan Village, Banyuraden, Gamping Yogyakarta. This tourism village has been established since 2003 and by the support of the local people which has strong environmental consciousness, Sukunan tourism village was officially opened in 2009. It’s such a long process. That’s why it is totally reasonable if Sukunan Village has been inaugurated as tourism village because the local people have been doing independently waste management. That’s no wonder if this village is patronized by university students to have comparative study and environmental research especially in waste management. Sukunan also gets more tourist visitation from several regions to have a vacation and also learn how to manage the waste. You can also invite your family member to get to this place to enjoy the anti-mainstream vacation.

Educational Tourism

As the tourism village based on environmental conservation, Sukunan village doesn’t only offer fun tourism activity but also educative activity in maintaining envinronmental hygene. When you are here, you will learn how to manage the waste individually, make the recycle plastic craft and patchwork, and also learn how to make compost from domestic waste. Those all activities will be done aggreably accompanied by the local villagers.

All Ages Friendly place

This Sukunan tourism village is family and all ages friendly tourist destination. Children and adult can get to this place to learn about individualy waste management. So, you don’t need to worry if you want to bring elderly or children to have a vacation in this place. It could be guaranteed that they will feel happy and enthusiastic
After learning how to manage the waste, you can invite your family member or your group member to enjoy the rural attraction like duck shepherding, plowing by using buffalo and cow, rice plantation, and rice harvesting. You can also directly go down to the field to try those activities. Is it interesting, isn’t it.

If you come from other city and you need a homestay, you don’t need to worry because Sukunan tourism village will offer you the local people’s houses as a homestay. So other than staying at local people house, you can also directly feel the local people society routine activity. It will definitely become a rare and precious experience ever.
When you are having vacation, the itinerary shouldn’t be missed is souvenir shopping. Don’t worry; here you can also buy the unique and the cute handicraft made by local people. The trinkets like handbags, wallet, artificial flowers, and also jackets can become souvenir for your family and friends. The price is various and affordable. They will be the iconic souvenir and absolutely will look different. By buying the souvenirs of this tourism village, it means you take part also in maintaining environmental hygene. It will be cool!


Sukunan Tourism village is opened daily, but you must have reservation with the village administrator before coming. It uses to confirm the schedule because of the tourist visitation’s interest of this tourism village. If you are interested in having vacation while studying in Sukunan tourism village, you shouldn’t worry about the ticket price because for the group of 20 – 30 persons you will only pay Rp.200.000 as the donation for the village. It is an affordable price for a precious experience, vacation, and environmental insight.


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