If you are a beach lover, you’d better visit Ngestirejo Tourism Village which is located in Tanjungsari District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. This tourism village is known as the paradise of extraordinary beach tourist destinations. Local Tourism Awareness Group or Pokdarwis has been well developed tourism attraction in Ngestiharjo Village that is proven by a lot of tourist visitation in the beaches.

Krakal Beach
This beach is the oldest and the most popular beach in Gunung Kidul. The fascinating of white sand and the beautiful coral along the beach becomes the main attraction in this beach. Marine organisms that can be found easily make this beach become very popular for the tourists for having beach trip and also for educational tourism tour. If you are on vacation in Gunung Kidul, Krakal Beach must be put on your to do list.

Betueng Beach
The name of this beach might not be really familiar for you. Although it is still regarded as a new tourism spot but this beach has became a new magnet for tourists. Betueng Beach offers a fascinating nature that’s as beautiful as other beachs in Ngestirejo Village. This beach is in the west of Sarangan Beach. It is about 500 meters away from that beach. For those who love photography, this beach can become your nice choice to hunt amazing photos because this beach is still clean and well maintained. Local people through Pokdarwis are really taking the attention about developing this new beach tourism area. The facilities are quite complete including parking areas, toilets, food stalls, and homestays.

Ngrumput beach
This beach becomes perfect choice for those who like camping. Ngrumput beach offers a clean stretch of white sand, wide coral reef and coastal cliff that could give you a more enjoyable camping atmosphere. This location has been becaming camper’s favorite place which comes from Gunungkidul its self and also from other city. In this coastal area there is a quite high hill called Kosakora hill where on the top of this hill the tourist can see the beautiful scenery of the beach and enjoy sunrise and sunset view. Tourists can also build some tents on this hill.

Sarangan Beach
This beach is located closed to Beteung and Krakal Beach. Sarangan Beach is a quite different from other beaches in Ngestiharjo Village because it offers a beach view that looks like a small curved bay where the coastline is relatively short. Nevertheless this small shape becomes the main attraction of Sarangan Beach. The small and gentle wave stream of the beach makes tourists being safe to swim. When you come to Sarangan Beach you are suggested to go up to Sarangan Hill. From this Sarangan hill, you will see the views of the beautiful beaches Ngestiharjo Village.


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