Most of people know that Gunungkidul area is dry, barren and arid landscape. It is because of the geographical location of Gunungkidul. Even so, Gunungkidul has many potential tourism charms like beaches and caves. In addition, in the middle of arid landscape of Gunungkidul, there is also a swift fall water wall called Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Menggoran, Bleberan, Playen, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. To get to this tourism object, we need to take about 1,5 hours or 45 km from the city center of Yogyakarta. Along the route of Sri Gethuk Waterfall the visitor will pass the green rice field and eucaplyptus plantation area.

Arriving at tourism area of Sri Gethuk Waterfall, the visitors have to go down the stairs to reach waterfall location area. There are 2 routes to get to waterfall area by boat and by foot. Many visitors prefer to choose to get there by boat because they won’t feel tired and they can also enjoying the beautiful views of Oyo river. This boat is made by local people by recycling the unused drum and board material. But you don’t have to worry about its safety, this boat is safe enough and every visitor will get also life jacket.

While getting on board, the vistors can enjoy seeing the beautiful views of shady trees and the karst sourrounding. It takes about 7 – 10 minutes to reach waterfall area. If visitors choose to get there by foot they need to take about 450 meters away or about 10 -15 minutes. While tracking, the visitor can enjoy the scenery of cool spacious ricefield area.

Arriving at Sri Getuk Waterfall, the visitors can feel the refreshing air of the nature where the visitor can enjoy also the incredible scenery of a swift waterfall. Located beside Oya river, Sri Getuk waterfall drops abruptly of 50 km height. The waterfall stream comes from the three springs as well as Ngandong, Dong Poh, and Ngumbul. Those three springs create this kind of swift water fall. Even on a dry season, the stream keeps flowing down.

The name of this waterfall derives from the local mythology. The location of Sri Gethuk waterfall is believed as a meeting place of evil spirit, especially the one who called Anggo Meduro. The mythology said that this evil spirit admire the Javanese instrumental melody called gamelan and it guards also the instrument namely kethuk. Based on the society tale, there is sometimes strain of gamelan melody which comes from the waterfall area. The local people believe that the strain is Gamelan instrumental melody of Anggoro Meduro, the evil spirit lived in waterfall area.

What becomes unique this Sri Gethuk waterfall is the natural pound of the waterfall stream provided. There are also limestones stairs around. The visitors can enjoy playing on the water or swimming in this waterfall pound. Some younger people can rush their adrenaline by doing cliff jumping or by jumping from the top of the cliff to Oya river stream, but they must be carefull beause the river is really deep. It is about 5 meters depth. If they are not enough capable to swim, the local admisitrator will rent them a float or life vest.

The entrance ticket costs Rp 15.000 for a person including the ticket of Rancang Kencana cave. In the other hand roundtrip boat rental rates costs Rp. 10.000 for a person. And to rent a float or a lifejacket the visitor must pay Rp.5000- Rp. 10.000. The facilities provided are complete enough where there are parking area, mushola, toilet, and foodcourt area.

The afternoon is the best timing to come to this area. You should avoid coming on weekend, because the location of Sri Getuk waterfall will be full of visitors. You might be feel uncomfortable. You should wear the most comfortable cloth and shoes when you are here. You shouldn’t forget also to capture your beautiful moment when you are visiting this amazing waterfall and the karst. The beauty of Sri Gethuk wartefall that’s situated in dry and arid area of Gunung Kidul is really qualified to be compared to foreign tourism destination.


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