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There are only few people know this beach. Beside the uneasy acces to reach this beach which is located in Gunung Kidul, we need also more energy to get this place. This place is namely Greweng Beach, the beach that will give us such a long and tiring route but also wonderful scenery of the beach.

Greweng beach is located in Pendowo, Jepitu, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This beach is located near Wediombo beach which is more popular than it. This beach is only situated in the east part of Wediombo beach where we can even go there only by tracking from Wediombo beach. To reach Greweng beach we need around 2 hours or about 74 km from the city center of Yogyakarta.

If a lot of beaches in Gunung Kidul offer us an easy acces, Greweng beach has uneasy acces. Arriving at the parking area, the visitors have to walk around 1 km to reach this beach. They need around 20 minutes on walk so they can enjoy the beauty of Greweng beach. But you shouldn’t be sad because along the way of this beach you will enjoy the unique, different, and incredible views.

When the visitors are walking to reach this beach, they will discover a greenwood where there are also marvelous karsts surrounding. This greenwood is called Batu greenwood. The karst is soluble rock that we can find easily in Gunung Kidul area. Not only finding karst cliffs, the visitor will also discover a river that flow towards an ocean. The river which cuts across the greenwood area and the beach derive from the one of the nearest springs.

If the visitors walk or do tracking from Wediombo beach, they will find a beautiful field and garden of the local.
Other than finding local field and local garden the visitors will discover also a cave which is close to Greweng beach. The people said that the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno has meditated in this cave. This is a small cave and it is full of sharp corals. Only several people who are permitted to enter this cave. In addition, the visitor will find also the shady trees along the way to the beach. According to the society, this location is kind of evil spirit market. There are a lot of mytical stories about this evil spirit market.

Regardless, Greweng beach offer us the special panorama of the stretching white sand, the blue waters and the sound of the waves. Since there are not many people who come to this area, Greweng beach is quiet enough. So it has a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. The seashore line of Greweng beach is also short enough, it is about 150 meters.

Greweng beach is flanked by two karst cliffs on its right and left side which create a bay between it if you see that by using drone. Those high cliffs cover Greweng beach, then there won’t be big waves because they are already blocked by karst cliffs. The beach part which juts into the ocean make the vistors are only allowed to swim in the sheasore, they are prohibited to swim in the sea. They must also pay attention to the corals in Greweng beach.
Greweng beach becomes the favorite place to have camping. The isolated location, the sloping beach, the calming waves, and also the relaxing atmosphere will make the visitors want to have camping in this area. So, it is no wonder that on weekend, you will discover a lot of tents in this place. You are suggested to bring your own camping equipment because the camping equipment rental isn’t available here

The ticket retribution of Greweng beach cost Rp.10.000 for a person. This ticket includes Wediombo beach ticket retribution. The parking retribution costs Rp.3000 for a motor bike and Rp. 5000 for a car. If you want to stay overnight in this beach area, you have to pay a parking ticket costs Rp 5000 for a motorbike and Rp. 10000 for a car.

If you want to go to Greweng beach, you should better to come here in the morning or in the afternoon because if you want to come to enjoy the sunset it would be hard to come back home because the road is dark enough. You shouldn’t forget to wear the right shoes to do tracking. You have to also prepare your energy to get to this beach. Even the beach acces is long and hard, and the location is also far enough, the beauty of Greweng beach shouldn’t be missed


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