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Normally the beaches in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta have beautiful long stretch white sand and blue clear water. But it doesn’t happen in Jogan Beach. This beach is well known as unique beach because it doesn’t have coastline and doesn’t even have white sand like other beaches in Gunungkidul. Eventhough Jogan beach has a beautiful waterfall that we can’t find in other beaches.

Jogan beach is not as famous as other beaches in Gunungkidul. This beach is located in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. If we come from the city center of Yogyajarta, we will take about 2 hours or 74 km away. This beach has winding road and karst cliffs on every side of the road. If you’re just arrived at this place and walked along to get to the beach you will find the river which has a little stream.

Jogan beach has something unique that can attract the visitors. It is a waterfall that’s located beside the cliff. Unlike the other beaches that has white sand, Jogan beach doesn’t have white sand and doesn’t even have coastline. The one which becomes the borderline between the ocean and the seashore is limestone cliff and the waterfall debouche into the ocean.

It’s kinda exceptional when there is a waterfall that flows directly to the ocean. The spring of that waterfall comes from hill spring in the northern part of this beach. That water flows from the river and will be end into the ocean. The name of “Jogan” which becomes the name of this beach means floor or bottom in Javanese language. It means that the waterfall streams drop into the bottom of the sea.

This waterfall drops arbruptly from the coastal cliff of 10 meters height. On the top of the cliff we will discover a green land, bushes, and palms tree. Whereas the waterfall stream is quite calm but it has heavy flow on raining season. The karst cliff becomes the background of this waterfall. And in the bottom of the waterfall we will find many corals.

The visitor can enjoy seeing this waterfall closely. If they want to feel the sensation of the waterfall drops, they can take the bamboo stairs made by local people that lay down under the waterfall. But, they must be carefull because those stairs is slippery. Or if they want to rush their adrenaline, they can go down the waterfall by doing rappelling, descending vertical surface by using special equipement and a doubled rope coiled around the body. This rappelling becomes nature lover’s favorite activity.

After having rappelling of coastal cliff the visitors can see the beautiful waterfall view debouched into the ocean. They can take pictures while sitting on the coral or while enjoying the waterfall drops. In the bottom of the waterfall, there are many corals. Usually, in those corals, we can find easily the small crabs which also become the surrounding society culinary.

The best time to go to Jogan beach is in the afternoon right before the sunset because the visitors will see the beautiful sunset from the coastal cliff of the waterfall. The raining season would be the best time also because the waterfall will have heavy stream. The nature lovers will prefer to visit this beach in the end of the raining season because they can do rappelling in heavy stream of waterfall that will make their adrenaline rushing.

The entrance ticket of Jogan beach is affrordable, the visitor need only to pay Rp.10.000 then they can enjoy their vacation in Jogan, Siung, and Nglambor beach which located at the same line. In addition the parking retribution costs Rp.3000 for a motorbike and Rp.5000 for a car. The facilities provided is totally complete which toilet, food court area, gazebo are easily to discover here.

Not all beaches have waterfall charm just like Jogan beach. Although there are not many people who know this beach, Jogan beach has wonderfull scenery shouldn’t be missed. The beauty of the waterfall on coastal cliff that debouche into the ocean will offer us the unforgettable views. Are you now interested to go to Jogan beach?


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