The Clear Ocean, White Sand, and a Number of Sailboats in Ngrenehan Beach


Beach charm in Gunungkidul isn’t only about its blue clear water and its white sand, but it’s also about the local activities on the beach. There’s uniqueness in Ngrenehan beach. Not only having enjoying the beauty of the beach, the visitor can also see the sailors who are preparing to go sailing. Other than beautiful panorama, in Ngrenehan beach we can discover many saiboats of local sailors.

Maybe we hear rarely about Ngrenehan beach, but this beach becomes the one of Yogyakarta tourism destinations that should be visited. Ngrenehan beach is located in Kanigoro, Saptosari, Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. From the city center of Yogyakarta, we will take about 2 hours or 60 km away. Just like the other beach route in Gunungkidul, Ngrenehan beach has winding road.

Arriving at this beach, the visitor will be offered by beautiful beach and various sailboats views. Unlike the other beaches in Gunungkidul, Ngrenehan beach is fulfilled of sailboats which are going to be used to sail on the ocean because most of local people work as sailor. As a consequence, this beach is also called sailor’s beach.

The name of Ngrenehan beach derives from the Javanese word “reneh” which means “to come here”. By the prefix, it becomes “Ngrenehan” which signifie to invite the people to come to this beach. This name historically derived from Raden Fatah’s history from Demak Kingdom that went to this beach in order to look for his father.

Eventhough, Ngrenehan beach is not as wide as other beaches, which’s just about 100 m2, but we shouldn’t doubt the beauty of this beach. Ngrenehan beach is flanked by two big coral hills. Both hills jut into the sea, so they can reduce the intensity of wave action in seashore. Since the waves are calm enough and the seashore is slopping, the visitors are allowed to swim in Ngrenehan.

If you record the views by drone, you will see that Ngrenehan beach will be looked like a perfect circle. This typical bay form is always hunted by photographer when they are trying to capture the beauty of Ngrenehan beach. Here, the visitor can also take pictures with coral, white sand, and sail boat views background. As long as the local people work as a sailor, the visitors can also enjoy seeing sailing activity where the sailors are preparing their boat to go to sail on the sea. The can see also activites where the sailors make a fishing net, repair their boats, and come back from sailing bringing fishes.

The visitors don’t need to worry if they feel hungry for the time being in Ngrenehan beach. They can go to food court area surrounding to order delicious seafood menu. In the end of the food stalls row, they will discover fish auction or called as (TPI) in indonesian language, a place where the sailors will sell their fishes. They can also buy some fishes here to be eaten in the food court area or to bring them home. The price of that seafood is affordable because the fishes are directly from the sailors. So they can get cheap price for a good quality of seafood.

Ngrenehan beach is like a jewel in Gunungkidul because this beach is hidden behind the greeny hill area, a place used as a fishing port. Clusters of corals which create a bay with clear blue sea water can always attract the tourist visitation. The entrance ticket is cheap enough. A visitor only needs to pay Rp 5.000 then they can explore Ngrenehan beach and also Ngobaran beach at the same time. In addition the parking retribution costs Rp 3000 for a motorbike and Rp.5000 for a car. The facilities afforded to the visitors are such as toilet or bathroom, mushola, and foodcourt area. So, when could we enjoy beautiful views and eat seafood at the same time in Ngrenehan beach?


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