We can not always get a satisfaction feeling in time being visiting the beaches. However the pictures of those beaches shared in social media look so beautiful, sometimes they are not as beautiful as the picture. Searching for the beach which looks still so natural and has white sand, blue sea water, and extradordinary views are kinda hard to find. But it won’t be happen in this beach. Watu Kodok beach offer the special views of white sand beach.

Watu Kodok beach is actually not as popular as other beaches. But the views provided by this beach will make you feel amazed. Watu Kodok beach is located in Kemadang village, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This beach closes to Drini Beach. It is in the eastern part of Sepanjang beach. Watu Kodok beach access is facile enough because all the road is paved already then the transports can run smoothly. Watu Kodok beach can be reached in 2 hours or in 70 km from the city center of Yogyakarta.

According to its name in Javanese language “Watu Kodok” means “Frog Stone”. The name of this beach derives from the corals cliff located in the west and the east part of this beach. Both cliifs are look like a frog, so the local call this beach as Watu Kodok beach. The corals remain as a towering cliff that juts into the ocean.

Watu Kodok beach has a long and wide seashore line of 600m. The typical white sand beach and the blue sea water views can be seen in this Watu Kodok beach. Since it doesn’t have yet many visitors, this beach keeps looking clean and natural. Its white sand is soft enough and it doesn’t have many corals surrounding.

The visitors are allowed to swim and play volleyball in the seashore of this beach. It doesn’t have also big waves, so the visitor can play on the water or get relaxed near the beach. There are also many pine trees and shady pandanus tree in Watu Kodok beach where the visitors always enjoy sitting under the shade of those trees.

Not only swimming, the visitor can also take pictures around this beach because there are many interesting photo spot to be captured. The beautiful views of this beach can not also be missed especially the beautiful sunset and sunrise view. Many photographers chase for the sunset picture in Watu Kodok beach because this beach has famous exotic panorama.

If the visitors feel tired, they can rent a mat or a gazebo to have relaxed. Watu Kodok beach becomes also camper’s favorite location. The camping ground area is quite spacious. Watu Kodok administrator always maintains the camping ground area security, so the campers will always be safe to camp in this beach. That’s no wonder that on weekeend there are a lot of younger people who build a tent near Watu Kodok beach.

Other than camping, Watu Kodok beach becomes also an interesting fishing spot. Many fishermen go to Watu Kodok beach to get a big fish. Guided by local people, there are a lot of fishing spot that can be tried to look for various kinds of fishes. But it would better if you bring your own fishing equipment because there is not fishing equipment rental here. It is also for campers, they have to bring their own camping equipement.

The entrance ticket of Watu Kodok beach costs Rp. 10.000 for a person. This is an affordable price. In addition, the parking retribution costs Rp. 3000 for a motorbike and Rp. 5000 a car. The facilities provided in Watu Kodok beach are such as toilets, bath rooms, food court area, mushola, and spacious parking area. So, when would you come to Watu Kodok beach?


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