The tourism destination in Yogyakarte is absolutely so various which are like nature, religion and education tourism. Just like other regions, Jogja has also a big Them Park that has exiting and complete facilities. This theme park can not only be enjoyed by children but also by adult. Having an area of about 7 hectares and close to the city center of Jogja, this park is called Sindu Kusuma Edupark.

Sindu Kusuma Edupark or commonly abbreviated as SKE is located on Jambon street, Kragilan, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta. It is only 3 km away from Tugu Yogyakarta Monument, so Sindu Kusuma Edupark is easily accessible. The word ‘Sindu’ on Sindu Kusuma Edupark describes the location of this theme park, which is Sinduadi. While the word ‘Kusuma’ refers to the management team of this theme park, namely Kusuma Agro-tourism which is based in Batu City, East Java.

Sindu Kusuma Edupark was inaugurated in 2014 and has been gained many visitations because it’s under the management of Kusuma Agro. All rides and attractions have met safety standards. There are several rides that have special requirements like minimum height or weight so if the visitors pass already this requirement they can enjoy these rides.

One which becomes the icon and the favorite ride on this SKE are the Cakra Manggilingan or Ferris Wheel. From the height of 48 meters, the visitors can occupy one of the capsules of those rides and enjoy the view from up above. In Cakra Manggilingan there are 24 capsules that can be filled by 4 people to enjoy this ride. Once you were on top of this kind of ride wheels, you can see360 degree bird eye view. The view of Jogja, the hilly area and the big Mount of Merapi, can be seen from this Cakra Manggilingan.

There is a uniqueness of this SKE, because the name of the rides is in Javanese language. They are such as Cakra Manggilingan commonly known as Ferris Wheel, Sepeda Mabur or Flying Bicycle where the visitors will ride a bicycle on high track and also the Kursi Mabur or Flying Chair which is also the visitor’s favorite ride.

Not only having rides that we mentioned already, there is also another rides called Roti Putar or Spinning Cup where visitors will feel the sensation of spinning on a vehicle of cupcakes. In addition there is also Montor Tumbur or Bumper car, an exciting rides where you and your friends can enjoy bumping into each other’s cars. Furtheremore, there are also carousel, kora-kora, panggon lunjak (trampoline) and so on.

If you don’t want to take rides, you can enjoy watching movies in the 4D and 8D cinemas. In this cinema, you will feel the sensation of watching a movie with shaken chair or a sudden gust of wind. Otherwise you can try to rush your adrenaline in the House of Terror or known as the Ghost House.

The visitors can also go around SKE by renting Pit Egrang or Segway. Before riding, the officer will give them safety helmet and also teach them to ride it. In the evening, the visitors can see the Light Festival where there are many beautiful colorful lights. This place is such a nice place to have selfie.

As the name implies, Sindu Kusuma Edupark has also educational tour namely Omah Musik and Omah Batik. Here the visitors can learn the history of music and batik from the past to present. At Both places, Omah Musik and Omah Batik, all historical items are arranged nicely and there are also detailed explanation on each items. In addition at Omah Musik, the visitors can listen to the music from the antique gramophone.

The entrance ticket of Sindu Kusuma Edupark costs IDR 20,000 per person which includes Omah Batik, Omah Musik and Fish Therapy entrance ticket. To enjoy the rides, there are additional costs start from IDR 10,000 to IDR 50,000 depending on each rides. The payment system is using top up service of entrance ticket card. There is also children pass ticket of IDR 90,000 and adults pass ticket of IDR 100,000.


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