If you are planning to have a vacation in Yogyakarta, please make sure that Panguk Kediwung Hill is on your list of travel. Panguk Kediwung hill is one of the tourist destinations offers the beautiful views of nature that can be seen from the top of the hill. Being compared to other hilly tourism destinations in Bantul, This Panguk Kediwung Hill is such a new tourist destination because it was just started to open in 2016. Even so, this tourist destination can attract local and regional tourist visitation.

Panguk Kediwung Hill is located in Kediwung, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. You don’t need to worry about getting lost because you will find the sign board direction along the way of the location route. It is located about 20 km from the city center of Yogyakarta. You can go towards the south precisely to Imogiri Timur Street, follow this route until you find Imogiri Traditonal Market. From this market you have to take the route to the left and continue to take the route to Dlingo area. From this place you will start to see the sign board direction that will lead you to Panguk Kediwung Hill. The route access of Panguk Kediwung Hill is paved already but it has a winding road, even so it is safe to be passed. You are suggested to get there by your own vehicle because it is uneasy to find a public transportation in this area.

The Incredible Scenery
One which becomes the tourist visitation’s magnets is the beautiful views of the nature. The local administrator has installed already some wood and bamboo scenic view point on the edge of the cliff so the visitor can enjoy seeing clearly the exotic view below the Punguk Kediwung Hill. From the top of the hill we can see the long stream of Oya River that cuts across the greenish hilly areas. This scenic view point isn’t a regular scenic view point because it has unique shapes and also photo spots. There is also scenic view point that looks like a bridge, butterfly wings, a horse carriage, and so on. The ordinary scenic view point is also provided here. The scenic view points on Punguk Kediwung Hill are installed in two parts, in the eastern part and in the southern part of this area. The eastern part scenic view point will become the best spot to enjoy the sunrise in the morning, in other hand you will see the beautiful view of the hill range in the southern part. Both spots offer us the extraordinary scenery shouldn’t be missed when you are on vacation in Yogyakarta. If you want to see the views in the eastern part scenic view point, you have to pay IDR 3,000 for being there for 3 minutes. Don’t worry, you won’t only enjoy seeing the incredible view in this scenic view point, but you can also take pictures. You can enjoy freely the views in the southern scenic view point.

Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset
Other than beaches, Punguk Kediwung Hill becomes the right alternative place to enjoy the sunrise or even the sunset. If you come to this place in the morning you will see the sun rises among the soft morning fog where you can feel also refreshing morning air. Especially for those who like photography, this place is such a nice spot to hunt the incredible picture of morning scenery. You are suggested to come right after 05.00 a.m to get the perfect sunrise view. This tourism object is opened since morning. That is because the visitors who hunt the sunrise views are there already since early morning. You should make sure about the weather before coming. If the rain fell at night, you are not suggested to come in the morning because the sunrise can’t be seen clearly for sure. The best time to go to this place is in dry season. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t come in the morning because in the afternoon, Punguk Kediwung hill offers you also an extraordinary view of the dawn. You will feel also relaxing afternoon atmosphere where you can also sense the light breeze that will make you feel so fresh.

Facilities and Entrance Ticket
The facilities provided in Panguk Kediwung Hill are complete enough. There are a spacious parking area, mushola, bathroom, and foodcourt area. To enjoy the view in Punguk Kediwung Hill you need only to pay Rp.3000 and Rp. 2000 for parking retribution.


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