If we are talking about the beautiful hill stations, we will directly remember the area of Kulon Progo and Bantul because those regions are such a heaven of hill station. However, there is also other beautiful hidden hill station in Sleman Regency namely Klangon Hill. It is precisely located in Kalitengah Lor, Glagaharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogykakarta.

Klangon Hill is in Merapi Sub Mountain at approximately 1100 meters above sea level. This tourism destination is open daily and doesn’t have an exact operating hour, so you can get to this place every time. Even so the best timing that’s suggested to you to come is in the morning because the morning air is absolutely fresh and we can also see the beautiful morning view of Merapi Mountain. In the afternoon, the moist has come already so you will get in the way of seeing the scenery around. You are suggested to wear thick clothes once you came to this place so then you won’t get cold.

The charm of the beautiful Nature of Merapi
Here, we will be offered by an extraordinary view of Mount Merapi. We can enjoy seeing the active mountain closely. We don’t need to climb on its summit because in Klangon hill we can see already the view of the summit of Mount Merapi clearly. In this place, we will discover some scenic view points where we can enjoy seeing the exotic nature around the hill area. This scenic view point can also become the photo spot, so you shouldn’t miss to bring your own camera to hunt the instagenic scenery photograph.

Downhill Cycling
Klangon hill becomes also a recommended place for those who like an extreme activity. The local administrator has provided downhill circuit facility. You can hike down the slope on the downhill circuit provided. The circuit that has a winding and steep route that will rush your adrenaline. This downhill circuit is claimed as the best downhill circuit in Yogyakarta. That’s no wonder if there holds often the downhill cycling events in this area.

Hill Tracking
Klangon hill is located about 4 up to 5 km from Mount Merapi but this location has became a friendly tracking and climbing arena for beginners. We can even discover the children who climb this Klangon Hill. Along the climbing route, we will be offered by the incredible view of Merapi and if we are lucky enough we will also find the animals of Mount Merapi such as passerine bird, white flanked sunbird, fox, and monkey. The area around Klangon Hill actually is the one of forest conservation area in Yogyakarta.

Camping Ground
If you want to sense the refreshing atmosphere of the nature of Klangon Hill a bit longer, you can try to have camping activity with your friends. There is special sloping campground.

Entrance Ticket
To enjoy the views of Klangon Hill the visitor need to pay the entrance ticket of Rp.5000. In addition, if you want to camp, you have to pay Rp.10.000 as environmental maintenance fee. The facilities available in this tourist destination are such as bathroom, mushola, gazebo, and food court area.


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