Yogyakarta has an extraordinary potential tourism that can attract tourist to come back again because of its unforgettable charms. Various kind of tourist destination offers us tranquility, hestitation, and tension. If you like challenging activity when you are on vacation in Yogyakarta, you are really suggested to try a rafting activity in Kulon Progo.

There are 2 kinds of rafting in Progo river which are in the upper course and in the lower course of Progo river. Those rafting track has its own strain. The upper course of Progo river is shorter than the lower course. In addition there are some spots where we can start to raft in the lower course of Progo river. One of those spots is in Kreo village, Banjararum, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo. The starter point of this rafting activity is under the bridge of Klangon, Kalibawang. Progo river rafting track is claimed as the most difficult rafting track in Java and Bali.

The lower course of Progo river is located in the borderline of the city of Magelang, Kulon Progo and Yogyakarta. The dynamic characteristic of river cause by its line that becomes Merapi volcano lava flows. This river is the upper course of some river like Elo river, Progo river upper course, Mblean river and other rivers. So that’s no wonder if Progo river becomes the one of the rivers which has heavy stream where the rafters can rush their adrenaline. So this rafting activity is not suggested for those who have cardiac disease because this activity is really rushing the adrenaline.

Laterally, you might be scared of this activity but you don’t need to worry because the local administrator of Progo Rafting tours is experienced. They provide also standard safety equipment on rafting so you would be safe. When you raft on the heavy stream of the river, you will be accompanied by a guide that would sit on the front and the back line of rafting boat. This river has passed also the feasibility test of rafting tours. The visitors who join on this rafting activity are protected by the tours insurance to avoid something undesirable. So you can stay enjoying the rafting activity and also feel comfortable and safe.

During the rafting tour, we won’t only feel an incredible sensation from the heavy river stream but also we will enjoy seeing the the beautiful view on the left and on the right side of the river. We will also find big rock, cliff, and typical trees next to the river that might be hard to find on our daily life. At one of the river spots, you can see quite high waterfall. There are about 5 big cascades and a dozen of small cascades. Surely, they will rush your adrenaline. If you want to try rafting activity here you will feel certainly statisfied because you will pass the rafting route of about 20 km or about 3,5 hours. Could you imagine how fun would it be?

You can enjoy the rafting tour sensation here by paying about Rp 500.000 – 1.600.000,- depends on how many people would do rafting. So it’s better if you come here and bring many friends because you will pay cheaper. The facilities provided in this place are really complete. They are such as bath room, locker room, parking area, mushola, and food court area. You can only do this challenging activity in rainy season because in dry season, the river doesn’t have heavy stream so it would be dangerous.


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