The local people in Gunung Kidul are really serious in developping their tourism potency. Almost every year this regency which located in the southern part of Yogyakarta is always succeded in esthablishing the new tourism destination and tourism village. One of the tourism villages established in Gunung Kidul is Bejiharjo tourism village. This village is located in Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul. This village has ever been nominated by the ministry of tourism and creative economy as the best tourism village in 2012.

The topography of Bejiharjo tourism village is various which are like the stretch of paddy land area, rivers, cave, and also highland area. From that potential tourism, that’s no wonder if Bejiharjo tourism village carry nature tourism on as the main concept of this tourism village. Surely, you hear often the name of this tourism destination which called Pindul cave or Goa Pindul. This Pindul cave has been becoming very popular as now because of the endeavor of the local people who worked together to established this Pindul cave. By local tourism awareness association namely “Dewa Bejo” which derives from the acronym of Desa Wisata Bejiharjo or Bejiharho tourism village, this village is becoming more developed every year.

Other than Pindul cave, there is also other tourism destination offered by Bejiharjo tourism village that should be visited. The tourism concepts provided are such as nature tourism, cultural tourism, and educational tourism.

Cultural tourism package
The main attraction of Bejiharjo tourism village is actually its nature tourism. However, the villagers also realize that they have potential culture should be developed. So that cultural attractions established in this tourism village are such as traditional art performances like Wayang Beber Mangunjoyo, Gejog Lesung, the legend of Gedong Gelarang, and traditional games of egrang. Those art performances become a magnet that can affect tourist visitation. Wayang Beber became iconic attraction in this tourism village because there are only two of tourism object who offer Wayang Beber performance. And Bejiharjo tourism village becomes the one of those tourism villages.

Educational and Historical Tourism Package
There are not many people who know if there is historical site namely Situs Sokoliman in Bejiharjo tourism village. This site came from megalithic period. Other than Sokoliman sites, there is also the Monumen of General Commander of Sudirman and also the trace of Sudirman where he did his guerilla war. So there isn’t only the nature tourism package provided in Bejiharjo tourism village but also educational and historical tour.
The other educational tour offered is catfish cultivation, blangkon handicraft making, and eucalyptus oil extraction process. The visitor can also buy the handicraft product as souvenir.

Nature Tourism Package
The nature tourism is the main attraction of Bejiharjo tourism village. The tourist object of Pindul cave is not only popular for the local people of Yogyakarta, but also for other region’s people. The nature tourism packages offered are such as Oya river tracing, Gelatik cave tracing, and cave tubing of Goa Pindul. Actually, there are about 12 caves in Bejiharjo tourism village, but there are only few caves that have been established. The local people will develop them gradually. By a hard working, it would be possible that later on the cave tourism package would be increased.

Culinary Tour
If you come here, you shouldn’t forget to try the typical cuisine of the village provided such as rosella tea, the dishes of the green chilies, tempe garit and so on. Those dishes would be nice to enjoy in the gazeboos installed after doing river tracing

As a popular tourism village, Bejiharjo tourism village provides complete facilities. Safe and secure parking area, a number of clean bath rooms, mushola, food court area, and homestay are available in this place. The tourist object admisitrator also offer a professional guide that will lead you to explore the nature of Bejiharjo tourism village.


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