If you and your family want to feel the different sensation of vacation, you are suggested to visit Grogol tourism village. This tourism village is located in Grogol, Margodadi, Seyegan, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This location isn’t far from the city center of Yogyakarta. Grogol tourism village route is easily accessible. If you want to reach that location from the city center of Yogyakarta, you just need to go forward to Godean street. You have to follow this street until you find Godean traditional market. From this market you need to take the route to the right or to the north side of the road. You have to continue to follow this route in about 3,5 km and find a court on the right side. Afterward, you have to follow the sign board direction that will lead you to Grogol tourism village.

Culinary and Cultural Tours Package
This tourism village offers various kinds of cultural products as well as culinary product and interesting traditional art performance. In this tourism village, we can try to taste traditional dishes that would be hard to be found in this modern market era. Those traditional culinaries are such as tumpeng sego gurih, ndog gluduk, sego gudeg, caranggesung, etc. The most special dish in ths tourism village is sego gudangan, the dishes of rice and Indonesian salad dish of steamed vegetables mixed like spinach, longbeans, cosmos caudatus leaves, water spinach, bean sprouts, carrots with seasoned and spiced grated coconut for dressing. It has a savory taste and it’s really delicious especially if you eat it with additional dishes like fried tempe and tofu, and also boiled egg. This dish is ready to please your appetite and will make you want to eat this dish even more.

Other than offering authentic culinary product, Grogol tourism village provides also various kinds of traditional art performances. It’s no wonder if this village is called as cultural village. Various kind of traditional arts are always developed by local people surrounding. Those traditional arts are such as ketoprak, wayang kulit, karawitan, wayang orang, keroncong, kuda lumping, and cokekan. The existence of those various traditional art performances are caused by local people awareness in conserving the culture by establishing many art studios. The art studios created in Grogol tourism village are not only for local people but also for the visitors who come to this place. The visitors are allowed to get to the art studio and enjoy seeing local people doing training or even allowed to join the training in the studio. Some art studios which become visitor’s favorite studio are

Wijaya Kusuma, Bujo Gati, Sekar Rinoce, and Ki Sarju art studio.
If you come to this place in certains months, you can see the villager’s traditional ceremony. There are mitoni, tingkeban, jagongan, bancakan, tedhak sinten traditional ceremony which becomes series ritual related to human life cycle. There are also regular ceremonies held as a gratitude for God’s grace which are such as wiwit, nyadran, and pamidangan ceremony. Wiwit ceremony is usually held on harverst moon. The local people will gather in the rice field and organize a ritual as gratitude for yields. Nyadran ceremony is organized once a year precisely in the month of Syaban where the people will clean their family graveyard, gather, and pray together, and also share food with others. In addition, Kamidangan ceremony is a ritual asking for safety from God.

The Beautiful, Unique, and Historical Nature Tourism.
Other becoming a tourism village well known for its culture, Grogol offers also incredible nature tourism. Here, there is a spring called Tuk Bedhung. You can have religious tour and get knowledge about the historical value in Grogol tourism village because there is a trace of Sunan Kalijaga namely Ketandan. In this location, Kamidangan traditional ceremony is usually held.

Outbound Arena
Grogol tourism village always try hard to give its best facility for the visitors. If you are planning to have an office or even family outing activity, this location would be the best location because it offers complete outbound facilities. The sensation that would challenge you and your friends is the activity of exploring Ampon highlands, the beautiful highlands in Grogol tourism village. You can see beautiful natural strectch of the highlands views by taking a mountain tracking tour package.

If you are such a photography lover, the atmosphere of Grogol tourism village would become something captivating and surely you will get many beautiful pictures. The greenish nature athmosphere and the old building provided are such the best spot to do photo hunting.


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