Bleberan tourism village is located in Playen, Gunung Kidul. It is about 25 km from the city center of Yogyakarta. The route to reach this tourism village is easily accesible where you can run smoothly. From the city center of Yogyakarta, you can go ahead to Piyungan, then you can take the route to Patuk, Gading until you find Bleberan touris village. This tourism village was actually established since 2007 by developping potential attraction of the village which is the village spring that has been flowed to all of Bleberan village are. The villagers had ever been suffering on water crisis. Since then, Bleberan villagers are always keep maintaining the tourism potency of the spring in their area.

The Attraction of Bleberan Tourism Village
The tourism village absolutely offers the attractions that will become the magnet for tourist visitation. One of the attractions of Bleberan tourism village is the villager’s success in managing village corporation (Badan Usaha Milik Desa) or called as Bumdes. Bumdes of Bleberan village is really well developed so this village becomes the village with a hign turnover rate and even gets an appreciation from The Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantages Regions and Transmigration in 2017. Those achievements that makes this Bleberan Village becoming more popular and gaining many tourist visitation. Bleberan tourism village could become an example for other village in developing its tourism potency. Not only getting visitation from other village, some of government ministries come also to this village to take a look at its success.

Bleberan village is kind of quite lucky because it has extraordinary natural potencies which are such as Sri Gethuk waterfall and Rancang Kencono Cave. The tour package provided is really various. There are also many visitors in this place. This place is always full of visitors. Sri gethuk waterfall offers nature tourism of 25m high waterfall which is known as the highest waterfall in Gunung Kidul. When the vacation comes, the visitors that come from Gunung Kidul or even other regions are fulfilled Sri Gethuk waterfall area to enjoy their vacation time. In addition, just like its name, Kencono Rancang Caves has really beautiful views and even has special historical values.

Available Facility
As the tourism village, Bleberan village develops always its area by providing various kinds of facilities for the visitors. The visitors can chose several tour package like meeting package, gathering night package, and outbound package. The meeting package not offers only meeting room but it includes other accommodation like homestay, food and beverage service, soundsystem service, and also several attractions as well as jathilan and wayang kulit performance that could entertaint the visitors. Whereas, in outbound package the visitors will be invited to join in several guided activities. The most enjoyable outbound activity in this tourism village is rafting. Bleberan tourism village also uses villager’s houses around as visitor’s homestay. The homestay offered is spacious enough, so it can accommodate a big group member.


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