Pampang tourism village is one of tourism villages in Gunung Kidul. The village which is located in Paliyan Sub-district has a potential environment that can be developped as tourism village area. The local people who join on local tourism awareness association or called Pokdarwis and the local government of Pampang village always put hard effort to establish Pampang tourism village by installing various facilities and by giving a new innovation on their tour package. They use village fund to develop tourism sector and also to support the society economy.

Bendowo Ecoutourism
Bendowo tourist object is the one of tourism destinations in Pampang tourism village which offers Bendowo river tubing tour, birding ecotours package, flower plantation program, traditional games, and also culinary tour in traditional market that sell various kinds of traditional foods. By a hardworking and cooperation between local government and villagers, Bendowo tourism village becomes the one of the tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul that can attract many tourist visitations. The facilities provided by this tourism village are quite complete where there are public toilete, mushola, parking area, food court area, convention hall, gazebo, and homestay.

Silver crafts
Pampang tourism village is also a village in Paliyan sub-district that becomes the biggest center of silver crafts industry in Gunung Kidul. The speciality of Pampang village’s silver is its unique design and also its independently silver marketing strategies. Those make the offer price of this silver becoming cheaper than other silver industries. You can also see various kind of silver crafts collection in Pampang silver gallery that can be acces for public.

Farm Education Park
The youth association of Pampang tourism village is success in turning the rice field into student farm education park. This education park is kind of special park where the children can learn about agriculture as well as rice plantation. This park becomes also the play ground area of catching eel game, mud football, and ninja warrior games. This farm education park is appropriate for elementary, junior highschool and highschool student’s outing activity. The entrance ticket is also affordable. It costs Rp 15.000 for a person. This fee becomes a village funding that can be used to develop this farm education park.

Pampang Agrotourism
Other than modifying paddy land area into Farm Education Park, the local people of Pampang village also modified barren land of 10 ha into water melon plantation area. The existence of this tourism village begun when the local people were feeling worried because they didn’t get many tourist visitations in dry season since the visitors couldn’t have river tubing. So that they try to make inovations which one of those inovations is creating watermelon plantation area. This watermelon agrotourism destination actually gets positif response from visitors. The visitors who come to this area can see directly the spacious watermelon plantation land, chose the ripe watermelon, pick it up, and eat what they picked already. The watermelon price in Pampang agrotourism is affordable. It cost about IDR 3,500 – IDR 6,500 each kilo. This new innovation can increase the economy of the society and also can bring a new hope for the success of Pampang Agroutourism destination.


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