One of cool tour packages offered in Yogyakarta is cave tour that we can find that kind of tour a lot. For some people cave tour is kinda too extreme so none of them want to try this tour. But you don’t need to worry, if you want to have cave tracing and you don’t even have enough experience in it, there’s a cave in Bantul that would be such a good cave to try for a beginner. Gajah Lemahabang cave is a natural horizontal cave of approximately 200m depth. This depth isn’t an actual depth because we don’t know yet actually how deep it is since there is a pile of soil in the cave. It is called Gajah cave because there is a stone that looks like an elephant inside the cave.

Location and Access

Gajah Lemahabang cave is located in Lemahabang, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The location of this cave is still in the tourist destination area of Watu Mabur Bantul. To get here, the route should you take is quite easy actually. You just need to follow the route of Mangungan Fruit Farm. Then, you have to find the last intersection toward Mangunan Fruit Farm area, and continue to follow the direction that will lead you to Gajah cave area. This cave has an up and down route access and there are some rooky road. But mostly the road surrounding is paved already. This cave is located in hilly area and at the end of a residential area.

Amazing cave’s views

Even though there were built already stairs to help you to go down to the cave complex, Gajah cave is still very natural and well preserved. For those who have never visited a cave tourist destination, you are highly recommended to come here. Inside the cave, there are beautiful active stalagmites and stalactites. Gajah cave has two types of aisles which are such as the normal one and the narrow one. You still have to be careful because sometimes the cave can be slippery.

One of the uniqueness of Gajah cave is in the entrance gate. Entering this cave we will pass through horizontal door, but if we go out from this cave, we will pass the vertical door where we will find big tree that grows up to the cave mouth. Other uniqueness offered by Gajah Lemahabang cave is the existence of the spot called ‘heaven’s light’. It’s called ‘heaven’s light’ because there is cave hole on ceiling cave where it is possible for the sunlight rays through the cave that can create a beautiful view of spotlight. If you want to see the golden phenomenon of “heaven’s light” you must come here after 12.00. The position of the cave faces the west side so that golden phenomenon can be seen only when the sun is in westward. Please make sure that you will come here when it is sunny.

This cave is such a good caving activity’s place for beginners. You don’t need to worry because the local administrator of Gajah cave will provide you a guide who is ready to accompany you during caving activities. During the cave exploration, you will not only enjoy seeing the natural beauty of the cave but you will also get knowledge from a guide who explains the details of the cave.

Facilities and Entrance Tickets

Gajah Lemahabang cave provided already complete facilities. There are bathrooms, parking area, foodcourt area and flashlight rentals. For those who are interested in visiting this cave destination they don’t need to worry, because the entrance ticket of Gajah Lemahabang cave area is free. In other hand, there is no exact a price for guide service charge, you can pay as much as you want. We need to pay parking fee of IDR 2,000 for a motorcycle and IDR 5,000 for a car. Flashlight rental fee is also affordable of IDR 5,000.


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