This temple is located in Morangan, Sindumartani, Ngemplak, Sleman, DIY. This Hindu temple is located not far from Kali Gendol Merapi. This temple was supposedly built in the 9th or 10th century during the ancient Mataram Kingdom era. Located in the middle of residential areas and 2,5 m below the ground. Being compared to others temples in Yogyakarta, Morangan Temple is less popular. There are 2 temples in this temple complex which are the main temple and Perwara temple made of andesite rocks. The main temple that faces the west side has a room of 7.98 x 7.98 meters with a corridor of 90 meters. In the area of the main temple, we can find yoni and several statues inside as a proof that the Morangan Temple is a Hindu temple. While Perwara Temple mesures approximately 4 x 4 meters and faces east.

One of the uniqueness of Morangan Temple is the existence of the God of Shiva’s vehicle called Nandi where we can see also many reliefs on this temple’s wall. The reliefs which are on the bottom and the body of the temple particularly tell about the story of the fable of Tantri Kamambat, the story about a tiger that was fooled by a goat. These reliefs type usually can be found only in Buddhist temple, so it becomes something unique. Until now the building of Morangan Temple is still in restoration and it does’t fix at all, even so you don’t need to worry about that because you can still enjoy observing the series of extraordinary stories of the reliefs on ruined temple.

Morangan Temple has 6 readable reliefs. The first relief is the relief of two men flanking the pile of flower. This relief supposedly illustrates one of religious ceremony processions in Hinduism. The second relief is the relief of woman flanking a large jug with small pitchers. A jug is a kind of a pot used to store the holy water which is believed that thise water could cleanse all the sins. The third relief is an illustration of two women riding an elephant. In the past, elephants were only owned by certain people as a symbol of royal splendor and honor. The fourth relief illustrates three servants carrying papyrus and blue lotus flowers. The sixth relief is a relief of a rooster carried by Gana, according to the Hindu belief Gana is a small creature that’s always being in God of Shiwa side, in addition the rooster becomes always an offering animal.

To enter Morangan Temple complex, visitors don’t need to pay for entrance fee. The visitors will only be asked to fill the guest book provided by the temple administrator. Morangan Temple is open every day starting at 08.00 a.m – 16.00 p.m


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