For some tourists, they will automatically state the name of Prambanan temple when we asked them about what temple do they know in Yogyakarta. Surely we shouldn’t doubt again about thecharm of Prambanan temple. But you need to know that there are still many other temples in Yogyakarta that have also historical value shouldn’t be missed. One of those temples is Barong Temple. It is called Barong Temple because inside the temple there is a statue that looks like Barong or Lion. When it was firstly discovered, the condition of this Hindu temple was completely destroyed and then successfully carried out a renovation that took approximately 5 years and finally completed in 1992.

Barong Temple is located in Sambisari, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. From the city center of Yogyakarta you can move towards Piyungan-Prambanan street that’s located in the southern part of Prambanan Temple. Then you have to follow the road until you find the railway crossing, from this railway crossing, you have to turn left and follow the road and discover the direction to Abhayagiri Restaurant. Then you will continue walking to Barong Temple. The road may be slightly uphill but still easily accesible.

Barong Temple complex is quite extensive where there are 3-tiered platform temple constructions. If you come here the entrance is in the west side of the temple. In the first level of the temple complex, we will see some standing temples, but most of them are not only the base remains. On the second level, it is an open temple area with a number of small temple stones standing. In this area we will feel being on the court of magnificent ancient palace. Whereas in the third area there are two quite large temples that has the same size of 8.18 x 8.18 x 9.05 meters. In this area you should not miss to take pictures in the small gate located at the end of the stairs that willgive you the impression of entering the gate of the royal palace. The spiky temple top is furnished with decorations of carved leaves and Ghana which becomes a worship place of God of Vishnu and Dewi Sri, goddesses of fertility.

Other than extraordinary temple achitecture, the location of the temple which is located at an altitude of 199 meters above sea level will give you also such a beautiful view of the temple area. Around Barong Temple is a vast and green meadow area. Barong Temple is open every day from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB but the best time to visit this temple complex is in the afternoon because we can see unique sunset view in the temple area. Obviously, this would be such an interesting experiencce because the temple can be also an alternative place to enjoy the sunset. To enter Barong temple complex you need to pay only IDR 5,000, – The facilities provided are quite complete, and there are parking area, toilets, and gazebo where you can have relaxed.


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