Talking about the tourism village in Bantul, this village, Wukirsari tourism village couldn’t be missed obviously. This village has achieved a reward of the best tourism village in Bantul in 2019. By the hardworking of the villagers in developing their village independently and professionally where they keep always maintaining and giving various innovation could make this village becoming more attracting for the visitors who visit this village. And the more important thing, it could empower the society.

Wukirsari tourism village is located in Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul. This Wukirsari tourism village becomes the pilot village of Batik Tulis craft which is the legacy crafts of this tourism village. Here, the visitor can learn and see directly Batik process making. The center of batik crafts in this place is always being recommended place to university and school member where they can learn about batik. In other hand, the visitor can also get batik tulis that cost cheaper.

Other than batik craft, Wukirsari tourism village has also leather craft or called tatah sungging which becomes the heritage crafts of this village. The product created are such as wayang and other leather decorations.

Not only the original crafts made by the local people which become the main attraction of this village, the geographical location like hilly area, rivers, forest, and the rice field make this village still look so natural. In addition, the ancient cemetery in the area of Wukirsari tourism village becomes always pilgrimage place.


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