The natural attractions that offer mountainous view are being loved by tourists recently. It’s because the beautiful natural charm spoils the eyes as well as gives peace to the soul of anyone who see it. One of them is the Watu Payung Turunan Geoforest natural tourism. Watu Payung Turunan Geoforest is one of the new tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul.

The location is in Turunan, Girisuko village, Panggang, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The name Watu Payung come from a large stone that looks like an umbrella shape, and it became a derivative word, it is hoped that after becoming a tourist area it will be beneficial for the local and surrounding. Actually, it wasn’t a tourist attraction, it was a teak forest conservation area so the term geoforest was still attached to Watu Payung Turunan.

The Natural Beauty of the Mountains
Watu Payung Turunan offers the beauty of a very vast expanse of green hills. From above we can see the Gunung Kidul area and the Oya River which well divides the Sewu Mountains area. In the afternoon and evening, a gentle breeze could refreshes the body and removes all fatigue in the mind. You can see this view at a special viewing post that is already available, this is as a perfect viewing spot to enjoy the beauty from a height.

Instagenic Photo Spot
Not only offers beautiful natural scenery. In this area there are also unique photo spots which you can use to take selfies so that your Instagram feed is even cooler. One of the favorite photo spots for visitors in the Watu Payung Turunan area is the unique and instagenic Hasta Apsari spot. You only need to pay Rp. 5000,- to be able to take pictures at the available spots. No need to worry if you don’t bring a camera, photo services are available only by paying Rp. 3000,-/file. For pre-wedding photos, the price is set at Rp. 250,000,-

Sunrise and Sunset Hunting Locations
In the morning you will find many visitors who are ready to wait for the sunrise while enjoying a cup of coffee. For those of you who is photography enthusiasts, this area should also be included in the list of places you can go to for photo hunting. The cold morning air combines the beautiful view of the mountains with a soft mist will appeal you to capture it through the camera. Especially when the sun slowly emerged from the east, its golden yellow light will spoiled your eyes even more.

The lighting facility at Watu Payung Turunan is not good enough so it is highly recommended to bring your flashlight when you come here for hunting the sunrise. You also need to be careful because the road to the top is quite steep. To get to the top we need to walk along the path because access for vehicles only reaches the parking lot. Try to come here when the weather is sunny, because when it is cloudy the sunrise will be difficult to see.

Watu Payung Turunan is open from 04.45 a.m-21.00 p.m. Actually this area is good to visit every time, but if you are a sunset lover; it’s a good idea to come here in the afternoon so you don’t miss the beautiful sunsets between the green mountains. Watu Payung Turunan can be an alternative destination to see the sunset without having to go to the beach. Especially if you come here with loved ones, your afternoon will be so much fun.

If you are already enough taking pictures, you can take a break for a moment; there is a gazebo that you can use to just relax while enjoying coffee while chatting with friends. It will be guaranteed that all your fatigue will be disappear. There are bathrooms, prayer rooms, and food stalls available here. You can also try a traditional sport that is special, namely Jemparingan or it’s called Javanese archery. It is a shame for you to miss it, especially since the price is very affordable. Only Rp 10,000 for 10 arrows. You don’t need to worry because you will be accompanied by professionals during archery activities.

To enter this place you don’t need to spend a lot, the entrance ticket is only Rp. 5000,- with a parking fee of Rp. 2000,- for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 5000,- for four-wheeled vehicles.


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