The tourism villages in Yogyakarta are never tired to give an innovation. Most of those tourism villages have its own uniqueness and attraction. They have their special product that becomes the main attraction of their village. They maintain the nature, educational tourism, handicraft product, and culinary product potency to attract the tourist visitation.

One of the tourism village which maintain culinary product as its main tourist attraction is Kalakijo tourism village. Some people may be knows about this ayam ingkung culinary center in Bantul, in Kalakijo Village. Kalakijo tourism village is located in Guwosari, Pajangan, Bantul. If you are coming from Bantul street, from the crossroad of Masjid Agung Manunggal Bantul, you need to take the route to the west. Afterward, you just have to follow this street and find the petintenary of Pajangan and the location of Kalakijo tourism village is around that area.

Kalakijo tourism village was known since the beginning as the center of Ingkung culinary in Bantul. By bringing the quotes “Gotong Royong Majukan Desa Wisata” that means working together in establishing the tourism village, Kalakijo local people just now constantly promote and invent their Ingkung Kuali culinary to be their special culinary dish. This Ingkung kuali dish was actually there since a long time ago, but this dish was only served on special occasion. By making this dish become the special culinaty dish of that village, the people around or even the tourists can always enjoy this delightful ingkung kuali everytime. There are now a dozen of ingkung stalls in Kalakijo village managed personally or even managed by LPMD.

Ingkung kuali is a chicken dish cooked with areh spices and served with rice, sambal, and additional vegetables called lalapan. The traditional cooking method and equipment could make this ingkung dish becoming more flavorful.

Other than ingkung kuali, Kalakijo offers also other attracting products like bird nest handicraft, bamboo clothesline, batik, snacks of emping mlinjo, and also Kijoko Sung dance and Gejog Lesung art performance.


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