Yogyakarta seems like never losing its attraction of tourism village. Every tourism village in Yogyakarta has its own uniqueness and attraction so the visitors can have many options of which tourism village should be visited. One of those tourism villages is Kajigelem tourism village which is located in Bangunjiwo, Bantul.

Kajigelem tourism village name is the acronym of the craft center in Kampung Kasongan, Kampung Jipangan, Kampung Gendeng, dan Kampung Lemahdadi.

As long as we known, Kasongan village is well known as the center of ceramic and pottery craft. Jipangan village is known as the center of the bamboo craft which the products are such as handheld fan and other room decorations. Whereas, Gendeng village is the center of inlay crafts of Wayang kulit. Now there are about 25 professional wayang kulit craftsmen that become already popular in many regions. And Lemahdadi is known as its stone sculpture craft (terakota).

By the existence of Kajigelem tourism village, the visitors won’t be only focused in Kasongan that was firstly being so popular, but also they can learn to others craft center industry nearest which are also attracting. Here the visitors can learn and practice directly craft making. They can learn to make a handheld fan or other decoration made from bamboo, ceramic/pottery, sculpture, and also wayang kulit.


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