Becoming the one of craft centers in Kajigelem tour package, Jipangan tourism village makes the bamboo crafts as its main attraction. Jipagan tourism village or mostly called as Dewi Jipang is the one of the villages located in Bangunjiwo, Bantul. The location of this village is not really far from the city center of Yogyakarta or it takes about 10 km from Yogyakarta.

The main crafts product of Jipangan tourism village is bamboo handheld fan. The bamboo used in making that product is black bamboo or called Bamboo wulung that has soft texture but doesn’t have much fibers.

To fulfill that bamboo stock needed by the craftsmen is quite easy. There are many bamboo plants in almost all regions in Bantul. It is because the soil types in Bantul region are mostly moist and loamy so that’s really perfect to grow black bamboo.

Everyday, a craftsman can prouduct 30 – 40 handheld fans, so in a month a craftsman can make approximately 1000 handheld fans. In this village, there are 25 handheld craftsmen so in a month there will be 25.000 that will be ready to sell. The handheld fan product of Jipangan has been sold already in some regions in Indonesia as well as Bandung, Jakarta, and Bali. And now this product has been exported also to Australia.

The price of a bamboo handheld fan is depended on its size. A small handheld fan costs about Rp 800 and, the standard handheld fan is between Rp 2000 – Rp 3000, and the big one costs Rp 8000, in addition the super big one is about Rp. 30.000 – Rp.50.000. The buyer can also choose the shape and the size of the handheld fan according to what they want.


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