If you visit Yogyakarta and plan to travel to the beach. The first that comes to your mind is the beach at Gunung Kidul area usually. That’s ok, because Gunung Kidul has a panoramic view of the beach that is perfect. But that will be a good idea too if you find information on beaches other than in Gunung Kidul.

There is a beach that is no less interesting than the beach at Gunung Kidul. One that you should try to visit is Pengklik Beach in Bantul Regency. This beach offers the charm of a stretch of beach sand, green natural area, and the interesting photo spots that you can’t miss. It is suitable for relaxing mind from the daily routines.

Pengklik Beach is a coastal area formed by a lagoon that breaks the flow of the Opak River and the Samas River. The location is in the east of Samas Beach. From the center of Jogja City you can walk to the south towards Bantul street, follow the road until you pass the Samas Beach retribution post, then take the Southern Cross Road until you reach the east side of the river.

Take a small road that can only be passed by motorbikes and cars. The distance from the city center of Jogja is about 25 km. You don’t need to worry, because access to this beach is very easy to reach. Actually, you will only need less than an hour without traffic jam.

This place is nice place for a family gathering place. You also don’t need to worry when you want go with your baby. Here, there are various family-friendly facilities such as children’s games and places to sit and chat. Public toilets and Mushola are also available. Actually you can come here any time. However, the recommended time to visit is in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, you and your family can see the beautiful sunset with the gentle beach breeze blew. One of the things that you and your family should not miss when you get here is to try a culinary tour. There are several restaurants with floating concepts on the water. You can try a variety of seafood menus such as various fish, squid, and shrimp.

For those of you who like to take pictures, Pengklik Beach also provides unique selfie photo spots. This bridge is built on a long bamboo bridge that connects Pengklik Beach with Samas Beach. From the bridge you can see a wide area of water.

But even though it’s safe, you still have to be careful and don’t forget to stay safe! If you are interested in taking a selfie photos here you only need to pay Rp 5,000 each person. You can take as many selfie photos as you like by trying a variety of styles. It will be guaranteed that your Instagram feed is getting cooler!

If you want to enjoy the beach closer with more memorable beach activity, it is highly recommended to rent a fishing boat service. You can wade through the calm blue water in 2.5 km with a view that will certainly amaze you. You can also choose a longer route that is 7 km away.

This long route will take you up to the Opak River, to the Kretek Bantul bridge pricesely. The cost you have to pay is affordable. Only Rp 10,000 for a distance of 1.5 KM and Rp 20,000 for a distance of 7 km. You can also rent a boat for a full day with Rp 500,000. Certainly that you won’t miss this tour, right?

On Pengklik Beach you can also enjoy the view from the green mangrove forest to the expanse of shrimp ponds. Pengklik Beach area is used as a mangrove conservation area. So in addition to your natural tour as well as an educational tour. If you are a fishing addicted, you should try this place because it is the favorite place for the anglers. Its great lagoon with a calm atmosphere is guaranteed to make you feel more enjoy fishing here for a long time. Many fishing spots are shady and breezy along this Pengklik lagoon. Surely, after returning from here your mind will so much fresh!


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